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How to Enjoy the Mediterranean on a Budget

The Mediterranean is the favourite travel destination of millions of people from around the world for all the right reasons. The region has good weather almost all the time. There are beautiful landscapes and stunning beaches waiting to be explored. Even the local cultures and people are fascinating.

Many people think that travelling to the Mediterranean is expensive. Some Mediterranean islands are indeed suitable for those who want to pamper themselves to the max. Don’t let the luxury villas and amenities fool you though. You can enjoy the Mediterranean on a budget with these tips and tricks.

Eat Like Locals

There are a lot of fantastic restaurants on the Mediterranean islands. Malta, for instance, is home of world-renowned restaurants like Wigi’s Kitchen and Palazzo Preca. These restaurants serve Mediterranean and western cuisines; you can visit any of them for authentic local cuisines and dishes that will arouse your taste buds like never before.

Eating in restaurants, however, isn’t the way to go if you want to enjoy Mediterranean islands on a budget. You are actually better off trying one of the local restaurants; by local restaurants, I mean places that the locals actually go to for their meals.

The smaller, family-run restaurants scattered across the region are very good. They cook local cuisines the way locals do, so you know you’re getting the authentic Mediterranean taste with every meal. You will also find the people to be very friendly. They may even recommend another great coffee shop or restaurant to try.

Villas Instead of Hotels

There are a lot of luxury villas on islands like Sicily and Malta. They come with amenities like a private pool, a working kitchen, and multiple rooms. What most travellers don’t realise is that they don’t necessarily come with luxury price tags.

Take a look at WishSicily and you will see there are many beachfront properties at great prices. Villas are also the obvious choice when you’re travelling with friends or the entire family since you can save a lot of money on accommodation this way. You can view their collection here:

Go on a Cruise

There are a lot of cruises that target the Mediterranean as their prime destination. The islands in the region are all beautiful and there is no better way to enjoy them than by moving from one island to the next. If you know you want to do some island-hopping while visiting the Mediterranean, going on a cruise is a great way to save money.

Cruises tend to be more affordable than having to island-hop manually. You don’t need to worry about accommodation and meals because most cruises are all-inclusive. You also get a free tour guide and other amenities you will not be able to enjoy if you travel on your own.

To make it even better, there are a lot of great discounts and promotional offers on Mediterranean cruise packages. All you have to do is find the right one based on your travel itinerary and you are all set.

Why not enjoy the best while saving money on your next trip to the Mediterranean? Switch to villas, use the other tips we covered in this article, and have a lot of fun exploring the region.

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