Enjoy In Orchid Park In Singapore Botanical Gardens

With the arrival of spring is reawakened the desire to start traveling in the most beautiful scenery in the world. Beautiful and sunny weather invites everyone to start planning where to go on holidays or where to spend summer vacation. The human species cultivate nature for many reasons and for thousands of years. Botanical gardens represent aspects of nature and human care for her.

Do you believe that at the heart of the most vibrant city in the world grow a tropical rain forest? Botanical Gardens in Singapore are horticultural paradise where you can see the amazing collection of thousands of indigenous species and 2,000 hybrid species, three lakes and offers environmental education. The green areas in the valley of palm trees are ideal for the perfect picnic, especially in the season of concerts.

Botanical Gardens in Singapore have an area of 74 hectares, which is about a fifth the size of Central Park in New York. It is the only botanical garden in the world that opens from 5:00 am to 24:00 midnight every day of the year and there is no entrance fee, except for the National Garden Orchid. As you know, the orchid flower is a symbol of the Singapore, therefore, the Orchid park opened in Singapore in 1995 is the main center in the world for growing this kind of flowers.

Located on the territory of the Botanical Garden, the park covers an area of about three hectares. The park is divided into 4 sectors, each of which grows orchids of a certain color range, corresponding to one of the seasons. Light blue shades represent winter, the spring has yellow and golden, summer is presented mainly in red and autumn with orange orchid.

Botanical Gardens in Singapore also are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Botanical Gardens you can feel colorful magical power, so we recommended if you have opportunity to visit that perfect place.

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