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Escape to the Isolated Caribbean, away from the Crowds

If you’ve never been to the Caribbean, it can be described very simply: you know all those movies scenes set amid blue skies, turquoise sea and white sand? The real thing is every bit as beautiful as it looks on screen.

And if you can find a quiet corner that the hoards of tourists haven’t found yet, even better. The Caribbean is so expansive and unexplored in some places that this is perfectly possible, and even easier if you travel before or after the schools break up for summer.

If you want to go somewhere largely undiscovered, hidden from the crowds and experience the natural Caribbean, consider the island of Tobago, or even more remote: the Dutch island of Saba. Tobago, near the Venezuelan coast and Saba, closer to the British Virgin Islands, are small but full of rich scenery. They both have rainforests, untouched beaches and are surrounded by coral reefs. These are perfect locations for snorkeling and disconnecting from society if you’re happy to make the trip by boat.

Maybe you’re less keen on going off the grid but want privacy and a base from which to see the Caribbean; a more luxurious option to spend your evenings in is just off the white sand at the Finest Resort Playa Mujeres. Staying at an all-inclusive will mean you only need to worry about whether to visit the marina or the golf course before soaking in some archaeological sites or seeing the breath-taking local fauna. Everything else you need on holiday is taken care of by professionals.

The Mexican East coast is no different to the rest of the Caribbean in that it enjoys stunning views, nature reserves and white beaches. It is slightly easier to reach since Cancun’s international airport and the surrounding area is basically designed around tourism, but since so many locations in the same sapphire ocean are also focused on receiving visitors, one thing you can be sure of wherever you choose to go: there will be a warm and alegre reception.

This area of the world is perfect to escape to, for a romantic getaway to reconnect or to set off on adventures with friends, and year-round sunshine is one of the many advantages. So if you’re looking for a place that won’t be teaming with tourists, look into reserving your first trip to one of many locations in the Caribbean.

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