Exciting And Dynamic Destination – City Of Helsinki

Finland is a country with clean air, natural beauty and amazing landscapes. This place is great to visit in summer and winter. It has a unique charm and quality. This is a true paradise that you can enjoy unimaginable sunsets. Cities in Finland have a lot to offer as interesting architecture, museums, avant-garde design and amazing nightlife.

Modern Helsinki is capital of this country, a city that you must visit. It is located in southern Finland, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, part of the Baltic Sea. It is interesting that it is the most northern capital of a country member of the European Union. The architectural image of Helsinki is what most attracts tourists from around the world. The architect Carl Ludvig Engel designed several neoclassical buildings in Helsinki. The main point in the plan of the city of Engel is Senate Square. It is surrounded by the Government Palace, the main building of the University of Helsinki and the huge Cathedral, which was completed in 1852, twelve years after the death of Engel.

It is cultural, media and financial center of Finland. Over 450 years of history, several architectural layers and the impact of different periods can be clearly seen in Helsinki. Finnish design has also made the capital of the country known throughout the world. The beauty of nature that surrounds the city seamlessly blends with technological developments, while the tradition is mixed with modern trends. Downtown have plenty of beautiful parks and nearby forests offer an ideal environment for a peaceful and pleasant walk.

In Helsinki, you are never far from the park, but we recommend that you take the opportunity to walk through the Flower of Life Artpark, park with sculptures especially for children under three years of age. Helsinki City Winter Garden is also exotic winter garden, which contains more than 200 different species of plants.

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