Experience A Honeymoon To Remember With United States Tours

With gorgeous city skylines, breathtaking landscapes and a ‘larger than life’ culture, America is an ideal honeymoon destination where it’s impossible to see and do everything the first time around. Planning a wedding can be stressful but luckily the honeymoon doesn’t have to be. The best way to ensure that your honeymoon is the romantic getaway that you both deserve is to book one of the many United States tours that will take you right into the beating heart of America. Your honeymoon should be spent sharing romantic experiences with your partner, not wasting time with maps and journey planners. United States tours offer a variety of itineraries that are catered to how you both wish to experience your honeymoon, and to help out, here are some ideal destinations in America to visit on your honeymoon.


Situated in South Florida, the city of Miami is where you will find beautiful tropical weather, sun-kissed beaches and plenty of romantic places to escape to. Built in 1924, the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables is a stunning public swimming pool that feels like you are both on your own private island. It’s a perfect place to unwind with your partner while being surrounded by crystal clear waters, waterfalls, vibrant green palm trees and amazing Venetian architecture. If you’re both lucky enough to visit during Valentine’s Day, they host the annual Romance Under the Stars night with different themes such as masquerade parties. You both can enjoy a night of delicious food, dancing and romance.

If you feel like stretching your legs, then the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens features a lavish mansion and ten acres of stunning gardens to explore. First opened in 1916, the Mediterranean-style mansion is home to over 2,500 beautiful art pieces and 17th-century French- and Italian-inspired antique furnishings. Take a step back in time as you both leisurely stroll through the romantic Theatre Garden, navigate your way through the Maze Garden and enjoy the many statues and sculptures that are scattered throughout the gardens.

New Orleans

Since being founded by French traders in 1718, New Orleans has been a melting pot of many different cultures such as German, African, Cajun, French and American. This is reflected in its unique Creole-style architecture and variety of delectable cuisines including jambalaya, po’ boy sandwiches and gumbo. For a special romantic dinner, head into the French District along the magnificent Mississippi River to find a variety of restaurants such as Antoine’s, which is one of the oldest fine dining restaurants dating all the way back to 1840. Enjoy their delicious and famous dishes, such as the Huîtres en coquille à la Rockefeller, which is a plate of Louisiana Gulf oysters baked in the authentic Rockefeller sauce that was originally created by Antoine’s back in 1890.

Honeymooning in New Orleans wouldn’t be officially romantic without taking a Mississippi River Steamboat Jazz Dinner Cruise. The Steamboat NATCHEZ departs at 7pm and provides a romantic ride down the Mississippi River to the sounds of Dixieland jazz from the performing jazz band. Relax with your partner over dinner as you both watch the French Quarter slowly drift by, sipping on delicious New Orleans drinks such as Vieux Carre and Sazerac cocktails.

Las Vegas

No honeymoon in America is complete without visiting Las Vegas. Vegas is filled with much more than just casinos, such as the famous Fremont Street Experience which is an entertainment district that spans over seven blocks. For those looking for romance and excitement, the Viva Vision, which is held every night and run every hour, features a free light show with a 550,000-watt sound system and consists of around 12.5 million LED lights. It also has three stages for hosting a variety of live entertainment and concerts. For the thrill-seeker couples, you can choose to fly 11 stories above the crowds on their SlotZilla zip line.

Just because you’re in America doesn’t mean you still can’t spend time in Paris for your honeymoon. Located on the 11th floor of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas is the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, the most romantic restaurant in all of Vegas. You and your partner can watch the world pass by below with a spectacular view of the glowing neon skyline of Las Vegas. Experience the taste of Paris over dinner with dishes such as venison medallions and fricassee of vegetables with huckleberry jus, and finish the night with a traditional French soufflé.

America is a wide land that consists of a vast variety of cultures, cuisines and attractions that will be the perfect ending to your wedding, and the perfect start to your new life together. Weddings involve a lot of planning but the honeymoon doesn’t have to. Choose America for your honeymoon destination and experience all the most romantic, adventurous and relaxing locations without lifting a finger with United States tours. Search online to find some great United States tours and experience a honeymoon that you both won’t ever forget.

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