Experience the Best of London on a Budget

While London is a delightful holiday destination to spend a holiday, it can be rather expensive to explore. Rated among the three most expensive cities on the European Continent, it is only natural being a prime tourist destination with a record number of visitors every year. However, that being said if you plan your itinerary well enough with the right places to visit and things to do one can enjoy a terrific holiday on a reasonable budget.

Those looking to stay at a boutique hotel that is reasonably priced will find any of the Montcalm hotel properties in central London an excellent choice. In fact, the Barbican meeting rooms in the City of London are popular with business travellers to the city.

With great facilities and in close proximity to some of the best Barbican restaurants in London, staying at the Montcalm will definitely be well worth every penny spent.

A few ways to trim expenses in London are:

While the city is chock full with numerous world-class paid attractions, the admission charges can tot up to a hefty sum.  An effective way of seeing the best attractions without having to spend a small fortune is to invest in a London Pass. The pass offers access to more than 60 of the prominent attractions in London. These include Kensington Palace, the London Zoo, Kew Gardens, Madame Tussauds and plenty more. An added bonus of buying a London Pass is it educates visitors about the different attractions, making easier to decide which to visit or skip.

Mostly travellers on a budget decide not to visit those attractions that have pricey entrance charges. With the London Pass, you pay a flat sum, so you will not have to pay anything to visit the major attractions, which definitely makes visiting the important ones much attractive an option. An added bonus is getting fast track entry to those with large crowds plus discounts at restaurants, cafes and other places. So investing in a London Pass is definitely a win-win and will make the trip a much more enjoyable experience.

Another way to save on transport costs is to get a contactless travel card or an Oyster visitor’s card which will help to make considerable savings when you need to travel on the tube, London buses etc. As the price is capped on daily travel you can travel a number of times in the day without having to shell out extra on ticket charges. They are easy to top up at stores around the corner in the city or at Tube stations.

Another way to save on food expenses is to limit eating at expensive restaurants and cafes across the city. An excellent alternative is the street food markets, which London has plentiful. Places like Camden Market are renowned for their excellent culinary fare at very reasonable prices. For drinks visit bars during the happy hours when there are special offers that will further help to save on costs.

Plus there is a multitude of free attractions including museums, art galleries, public parks, gardens, live music gigs etc. Thus, visitors can enjoy a fantastic holiday without compromising on the fun element of the trip!

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