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Experience the Picturesque Landscapes of North Wales

When the hot season arrives, it relieves you from those winter blues. There is bright sunshine and blossomed flowers all around. With the hot days, arrive the holidays, representing a time to enjoy and have fun with family and friends.

Why North Wales?

Now, when you live in the UK, the summer is not much known for its good or consistent climate and weather. In this situation, it’s far better to have an exciting getaway to North Wales with your family or friends, as it’s said to be one of the best and the oldest tourist regions of Britain. It offers a wealth of holiday attractions and has something for everyone to do and enjoy to the fullest. It is full of destinations that offer stunning beaches, rugged cliffs, lively & lovely resorts, quaint fishing villages, abundant parks and lots of other things that will just refresh your mind from your tiresome and hectic routine schedules. The natural scenery of the places will relieve you from all your worries and gives you peace of mind.

Image by Hefin Owen via Flickr

North Wales is full of such beautiful and mind blowing attractions which you can visit in your summer holidays. Let us take a look at a few of the famous destinations of North Wales that will offer you an excellent summer getaway.

Image by Ashley Perkins via Flickr

Snowdonia National Park

The highest mountain in Wales is called Mount Snowdon, which is 3560 feet in height. It is the famous destination that attracts thousands of climbers and walkers every year. The Snowdonia National Park also includes the well-known destinations like Peninsula and the Clwydian Range, which offer outstanding natural beauty. The area also has ample of historical sites and charming little towns, deep ravines, and the stunning valleys, which offer a wonderful voyage of discovery.

Image by Bert Kaufmann via Flickr

The Snowdon Railway is also a well-known spot, which starts in Llanberis. Moreover, this park is one of the most well-known hiking and climbing destinations in Britain. It offers the rugged mountain scenery, beaches, dunes and valleys along with 50 lakes and smaller pools.

Image by Bert Kaufmann via Flickr

Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle is a well-known masterpiece of medieval architecture, which required around 2000 workers to build it between 1283-89. It is considered as one of the most stunning and picturesque fortresses and offers an excellent exhibition on the history of Edward I and his several Welsh castles.

Image by Welsh photographs via Flickr

Moreover, you can also explore the town and have a stunning view of the well-preserved town walls with stunning views of the surrounding area. Whilst there, you can also visit Aberconwy House, which is a 14-century merchant’s house and is one of the first buildings built inside the town walls. The other highlights of this place are Elizabethan home and Plas Mawr.

Image by Piers Nye via Flickr


Porthmadog is located at the mouth of River Glaslyn along with Tremadog. Both of these twin towns are the tiny industrial centres known for their shipping of slate. Today, they have developed as seaside resorts, offering beautiful natural scenery and stunning sites. The famous poet Shelley lived for sometimes near the areas surrounding Ynys Tywyn. The Coed Tremadog woods are the well-known nature reserve, that offers great walking trails. Porthmadog is famous as the terminus for the oldest narrow-gauge railroad in the world, which was built in 1836 to transport slate from the mines at Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Image by Peter Trimming via Flickr

You can stay in Porthmadog and explore the place for its well-known industrial history and cultural heritage. Moreover, it also offers beautiful scenery and stunning views of nature. It is worth staying here and explore the culture and heritage of the place, along with enjoying its natural beauty.

Image by Welsh photographs via Flickr

North Wales is one of the best destinations to explore and enjoy its attractions on a summer getaway. Apart from the destinations described above, there are some other beautiful places like Caernarfon Castle, Llandudno, Portmeirion, The Isle of Anglesey, and Beaumaris Castle. Make your stay comfortable with a luxurious accommodation in a hotel in Porthmadog.

Image by Ingolf via Flickr

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