Explore the World: Exotic Destinations in Africa You Have to Visit

The world is a fascinating place full of amazing destinations, only waiting to be discovered. There’s a saying or a statistic rather that the majority of people stay within a 20-mile radius of their birthplace. If anything, that’s a somewhat morbid thing to learn. When the desire for a change of scenery is just too much to bear, it might be a good idea to let loose and simply hit the road. There is no shortage of places to visit, and every discerning traveler is bound to find exactly what they need, even if you intend to travel solo across the US in May.

Africa has always been an interesting traveling destination and given how huge it really is, cruising across it in its entirety is only possible long-term. That’s why this list was made in the first place, to let you know of exotic places Africa has on offer. Each of these has something interesting going for it. There are 54 African sovereign states in total, and it’s hard to decide where to go. This will be a mix of cities and destinations, just to keep this list of most exotic vacation spots in balance.

OK, we’ve been stalling long enough. Let’s find the most exotic place to visit, shall we?

Ancient Pyramids, Egypt

What a surprising inclusion, right?

Egypt is a well-known tourist destination, and pyramids can be thought of as the biggest point of interest. Egyptologists believed that these pyramids were conceived to be the resting places of Pharaohs. They acted as tombs, built to withstand the test of time and the elements. They are known for their engineering intricacy, and their unusual appearance has since become the stuff of legend.

Pyramids can be found in Giza, near Memphis, and Saqqara among countless others. There are also guided tours if you want to see them from the inside.

River Nile, Cairo

While staying on the topic of Egypt, there is one more entry to talk about – River Nile. The Nile has been one of the most popular boat tours in the entire world and has been a backdrop for countless historical (and fictional) stories.

Cairo is a modern city as much as it is historical and a perfect starting point to dive into Egyptian culture. As a side note, be mindful of travel alerts before setting out and keep in mind that the Nile stretches for 4 thousand miles.

Avenue Of The Baobabs, Madagascar

Our next entry on the list is a rather interesting one, and it can be found in Madagascar. From a brief glance, it may seem as if this locale was plucked straight from an alien planet.

But in actuality, it is just a strip of baobab trees going along a 250 meter stretch of road.

If you ever find yourself in Madagascar, you may want to travel to Morondava. The sight of 800-year-old trees is bound to be memorable.

Lake Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania

Otherwise known as Lake Nyasa, this is a massive body of water with a surface area of 30 thousand km. Located between Mozambique and Tanzania, it is a rift lake, which makes it unique among other well-known African lakes such as Victoria and Tanganyika. It has a biodiversity of fauna and things to see and do.

Victoria Falls, Border of Zambia and Zimbabwe

Continuing the trend of natural wonders, here’s a waterfall that’s likely to attract some attention. Just for comparison’s sake, Victoria Falls are more massive (in height and width) than the Niagara.

Among other things to do in the vicinity, there’s the Victoria National Park, numerous extreme and wildlife tours, plus boat trips on the Zambezi.

Marrakesh, Morocco

We’ve already discussed a few interesting landmarks, but let’s move onto another cultural hub. Marrakesh is popular and for a good reason. There are many markets, mosques, gardens all brimming with the hustle and bustle. You may find pretty much anything in Marrakesh. Well, almost anything, you may find rugs and spices, but you won’t find an annotated bibliography writer. Either way, Morocco is one of the most exotic countries and visiting places like Jardin Majorelle and the Medina of Marrakech will be eye-opening.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Africa has a ton of deserts, and we were on the fence about including Sahara, but we ended up settling on Sossusvlei, one of the most impressive landmarks Namibia has on offer.

It is a salt and clay pan surrounded by distinct dunes which are colored red. Located in the Namib Desert, Sossusvlei offers a fascinating glimpse of what deserts can become – petrified slabs of sand, for one thing. Sossusvlei exudes an otherworldly atmosphere that belongs in a sci-fi movie. Traveling through the Namib can get very hazardous, but it is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Definitely a bucket list item.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Let’s not leave Namibia just yet and switch our gaze towards the Skeleton Coast. The name stems from the fact that the coast was littered with bones of seals and whales, but in modern times it became the resting place for many ships rusting on the sand.

Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

This is the place to find some of the best beaches in Mozambique.

A kitesurfing destination, that’s likely to convert even those hardcore individuals that fail to see value in the activity. Bazaruto National Park is also worth a visit.

Roman Ruins in Dougga, Tunisia

Dougga is an ancient Roman city located in the northern part of the country. For a few centuries, before it was established as a Roman city, it was a Numidian town. Built on a half-kilometer elevation, this archaeological site has a lot to show. What remains is a sterling archaeological site. This site is a wonderful example of how a city can develop across centuries and, thankfully, it’s well-preserved to tell its story.

Franschhoek, South Africa

One of the oldest (if not the oldest) towns in South Africa. Franschhoek (French Corner translated from Afrikaans) is a small town hidden from sight in Cape Winelands. The seclusion works well in its favor. And there are trams you can hop in and hop out at will, or so they say.

Get a little taste of France that is tucked away in one of the most exotic corners of the world.

There’s more to do, visit a motor museum, take up wine tram rides, and drive across the scenic Franschhoek pass.

Diani Beach, Kenya

This is arguably the major beach resort and one of the best vacation places in Africa. It is in close proximity to Mombasa (30 km, to be exact), overlooking the Indian Ocean. Diani Beach is filled to the brim with stuff to do: kite surfing, deep diving, all kinds of tours (as well as safaris).

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