A Family Trip to Escape the States from Kansas City

Summer time is near and all we ever want to do is escape from all our responsibilities and spend some time with our family. So if you live in Kansas City we want to recommend you a different kind of trip. A trip for you and your family to escape the States for a period of time. Yes escape the States within the States, and that is possible with bus and trains and the driving time is less than 30 hours. We would like to propose you an interesting trip to Washington, D.C. Why don’t you visit the capital of the States that does not belong in any of the States?

So if you are ready for the trip, prepare for some great family time. There are so many interesting places to visit on the road. So we at youramazingplaces.com would like you to take the road from Kansas City to St. Louis, then visit Springfield and then continue through Indianapolis get to Pittsburgh and check some places here before arriving at Washington D.C.

St. Louis

The first stop you want to take is St. Louis. To get there you can use the Missouri River Runner and in less than 6 hours you are in St. Louis. This train has 9 stops and you don’t need to change the train at any stop because it is direct one. Being in this city there are many places you want to visit. The most important thing you want to do is get a bird’s eye view from Gateway Arch. The view that you will see is something you will never forget. After that you can take your kids in the Magic House and let them lose themselves in all the educational activities at this interactive museum. When you are done there why don’t you go and check out the St. Louis Science Center. A place where you will enjoy as much as your kids. You can also enjoy the magic of live theater there or just chill little bit in the Missouri Botanical Garden. When done here, you can proceed to Springfield which is a 2 hour drive.


In Springfield you can do endless number of things, but the one thing you must do is to learn and see more about Abraham Lincoln. In the capital of Illinois you can visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. The Lincoln Home National Historic Site and the Lincoln Tomb & War Memorials are also must visit places. The whole family will enjoy the stay in Springfield, but if you would like to take break and enjoy in open, then you can visit the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden or Carpenter Park. After you think it is enough of this rich city you can take a bus or train to Indianapolis. The train connecting Springfield and Indianapolis is direct and depending on the stops it has it can take from 6 hours to 12 hours to arrive at the station in Indianapolis.


Indianapolis is the capital city of U.S. state of Indiana. Here you can visit the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis which offers non-traditional learning opportunities not only for your kids but also for you. The Zoo is another place that your kids with like. In this city you can visit St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church. This church is a Roman Catholic parish of Indianapolis and it origins date to 1837. A place that you want to visit. From Indianapolis you can take a bus in 8 hours you are Pittsburgh.


If you decide to stay in Pittsburgh one day, then these are the things we recommend you to visit. You should visit the Strip. This is a one-half square mile neighborhood that is filled with restaurants, unique shops and much more. If it happens to be a weekend it can be very crowded. Then you can go and visit Senator John Heinz History Center which is the largest history museum in Pennsylvania. After that you can go to visit the art museum Andy Warhol Museum or if you decided to get more scientific then Carnegie Science Center is the place for you. At the end you can try the Monongahela Incline which is a funicular ride to ascent Mount Washington. From there you can have the best view across Pittsburgh and all beyond it. After a great day in Pittsburgh, you can the drive to Washington D.C. which can be 5 hours with train or 6 hours with a bus. It is up to you.

Washington D.C.

The capitol of the States is the place where you will be outside any state and yet still in the heart of them. Here you can show your kids where the house of the president is, the White House. The National Mall, the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial or the National World War II Memorial are just places you should all visit and show some respect for all the fallen soldiers. There are also many museums you can visit here. The international Spy Museum or the National Museum of American History are just a few of the many you can find here. And at the end you can take your kids at Madame Tussauds Washington D.C. and try to bring all the notable Americans as alive as possible.

To sum up, this trip will be something you and your family will never forget. It is family trip done by bus or train which will also give you more time to spend with your kids instead of driving the car and focusing the road. It is a win-win situation where everyone will learn something more with addition to the family time you spend together.

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