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There is one thing that everyone needs regardless if you own a home, a business or an organization. No one ever has enough storage space. The idea of storage lockers comes to mind as an economical, safe and space saving way to house whatever you need. If you are thinking of the lockers from high school, things have changed. There is no more stuffing of coats, books and purses into a small space. You don’t even have to remember the combination. There are now different styles of lockers that are suitable for almost every situation.

A sports club or recreation center might need a combination of different locker types depending on the area being serviced. In a changing room by a pool, a wet locker might be more advisable because these lockers are manufactured in pre-galvanized steel and can be thoroughly cleaned. These lockers have a shelf for personal effects and a larger compartment for long garments which is fitted with a coat hook. The cam locks are moisture resistance for longer life. Other sports lockers are square with a security shelf built into it so that access cannot be gained either from above or below. They can be in sets of 2 lockers per unit to 6 door lockers. Colours are painted with epoxy powdered paint in your choice of hues. These forms of clubs might need a vented locker for use in other parts of the club.

Schools lockers now come equipped with coat hooks and a shelf. There are locks which are keyed so that you don’t have the trouble of remembering a series of numbers. Lockers can also be equipped with a hasp and staple lock which can be fitted with a padlock. These school lockers can also be used in your home’s mud room, foyer or bedroom. Just imagine a place for your child’s books, backpacks and coat that are all in one place for easy retrieval. Not only will their stuff be in one place, but the room will look neater. There will be no more lost shoes, gloves or books as the school bus pulls up in the morning.

Lockers can be used as coat rooms, to place golf clubs after the 18th hole and bus stations. Additional equipment can be added to make the locker fit into your needs. Lockers can have a refrigerator to store food in garages or the office’s lunch room. If the area is dark, cool touch lighting can be added so that you are able to find your equipment without t additional lights. Having to find storage for your outdoor equipment such as shovels and hoses is often a difficult item to find and keep secure. An outdoor gear locker will keep your tools safe while at the same time it’s providing easy access. Lockers are also available for your sports equipment. Bats, balls, gloves and sticks can be housed in one unit which enables more playing time and less looking time.

At http://www.locker-selector.co.uk/, located in Cheshire, England, the professionals will assist you in the planning, choosing and installation of your selected products. They will help you determine the locks that should be used, the colours that will enhance your area and any options that you would like installed. They warehouse all types of lockers from the single locker to sports lockers that can be used in your place of business.

Just imagine that with some organizational skills, guidance from a professional and the right equipment; you will have a safe and secure place for your possessions.

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