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Visit Bruges The Most Stunning City in Belgium

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. It is located in northwest Belgium. The major economical, political and capital city is Bruges. Its total area is 138.40 km2 (53.44 sq mi) with a total population of 117.170. The city centre is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Bruges is one of the most visited and most photographed cities in Belgium.

If you want to visit Europe and still not decided where you want to go, then we advise you to visit one of the most beautiful European cities Bruges. You can visit it at any time of year. In this article you can see some beautiful photos of Bruges, that will gonna take your breath away and will gonna make you to visit it one day. Also these photos are proof that this beautiful European city should be found on your bucket list of cities that should visit in Europe.

Image by Steven2358 via Flickr

Image by Neil via Flickr

Image by Wolfgang Staudt via Flickr

In Bruges tourists can enjoy the beautiful old buildings, awesome old architecture, magnificent squares, beautiful clubs, wonderful traditional dishes …

Image by Wolfgang Staudt via Flickr

Image by Roger Marks via Flickr

If you ever go to Bruges then you should visit some of these awesome places: Basilica of the holy blood, church of our Lady Bruges, st Salvator’s cathedral Bruges, Boudewijn seapark Belgium, Loppem castle, the Kruispoort etc. All these places are the major tourist attraction in Bruges.  If you are lovers of old buildings and old awesome architecture then these places will suit your requirements.

Image by mariusz kluzniak via Flickr

Image by Francisco Antunes via Flickr

Image by @darthmauldds via Flickr

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