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Feel The Harmony of Nature on Vestrahorn Beach

If you discovered the Iceland, the second step is to realize just how small and sensitive we are. You will see the power of nature and its landscape. You will feel the unbelievable feeling to stand in the middle of the river and watch the nature in perfect harmony with its forms of mountains, river flow and color of the sky. If you have visited the Iceland more than once, each time you will reveal more beautiful landscapes. One of the favorite is the beach Vestrahorn, for sure.

You will be particularly intrigued by the color and light of the beach Vestrahorn. The popularity of the beach a short time grew and therefore the number of visitors. They are amazed by the beautiful beach because it is a phenomenon constructed from nature. Everyone who was there left amazed by the beautiful landscape. While you trample in the sand, in front of you lays transparent water and immediately above it incredible mountains. To visit Vestrahorn beach is the most unique experience for sure.

Vestrahorn, Stokksnes is one of the first settlements found in the area of Iceland. Mountain that descends to the Atlantic Ocean is a masterpiece by nature over the years. That is how is created one of the most unique beaches that exist on the planet. It is not about the classic sand and tall palm trees, but rather for stunning landscapes shaped by natural forces of nature and the winds. The layout of Vestrahorn beach is changing constantly.

Sun, fog and waves continuously changing the dunes caused by the former boiling lava. Water reflections reflecting the mountain range that stretches over them. On that way is creating fascinating landscapes of untouched nature. Famous glacier Vatnajokul is located in the vicinity of this location. Therefore this is a must visit place if ever you intend to visit Iceland.

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