Feel The Sweet Side of Life At Kameha Grand “Chocolate” Hotel

Modern hotel is no longer just a place to sleep comfortably with nice food and pool. Must offer more, like for example “library therapy” royal treatment for pets, adviser to sleep and many other things that you never imagined. When someone want to relax from stressful life for sure is willing to pay huge sums for special offers and because of that hotel owners are constantly competing in devising unusual packages.

Dive into the world of Kameha Grand Hotel and feel the soft side of life.

Kameha Grand Hotel is known as new luxury resort for businessmen and they certainly appreciate quality and the comfortable. It is located in city of Zurich. With its 224 rooms and hotel apartments, the hotel has the capacity to accommodate even 960 guests. A few suites are specially designed for business people. Swiss chocolate is the main decoration. The idea of the interior is the work of Marcel Wanders. There is inspiration chocolate color in different shades of brown and the walls that separate the bathroom from the rest of the room resembled of large cubes of chocolate. The overall look of Kameha Grand Hotel is very elegant. Swiss bells, carpets in bold colors and velvet curtains represent details such as in the films of David Lynch, whose photo will meet you at the bar.

Also many visitors are enthralled by the culinary diversity of the Kameha Grand Hotel. Enjoy friendly service in an environment with attention to detail. Harmony and inner balance, as well as released mind from worry and strengthened communication skills are the goals of a Kameha Spa with a wide range of high quality wellness treatments. The four treatment rooms are designed to relax all your senses. Experts offer first-class spa treatments and beauty tips. For those who would like to be active, the Power House offers state-of-the-art work-out equipment.

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