Feel The Whiteness Of Ski Area Livigno

Skiing according to many studies is one of the best sports because it activates the whole musculature of the body. If on that you add place that looks extremely well under the snow, then it is clear why skiing is a delight for all the senses. Italy besides beautiful beaches and turquoise water is a great destination for a winter vacation, just because of the excellent ski resorts.

Livigno is one of the largest and highest ski areas in Italy. Located between two mountains on the border with Switzerland is an ideal place for family skiing with a total length of 115 kilometers of slopes. Livigno is created from three villages, which eventually merged into a single entity along the four kilometer route. This remarkable ski area on both sides is surrounded by slopes of which there are numerous ski trails and ski lifts.

Due to the altitude of 1.816 meters Livigno has enough snow throughout the winter season, but still is equipped with machines to produce snow for more than 80 percent of the slopes.
In this famous place called Livigno you can see small, wooden houses built in the traditional style, which gives it a special charm. One of the three villages which make up the Livigno’s central location is San Antonio. It is closed to traffic. Except San Antonio, other two villages are located a little further on south.

Ski resort is divided into two parts. One of them is Carosello and the other is known as Mottolino. They have the same size. At the Mottolino is situated also the large snowboard park, one of the best in Europe.
Livigno offers accommodation at 104 hotels and more than one thousand apartments. The price, especially for rental apartments is acceptable and the services are quite good.

So, this winter pack your bags and use your vacation with satisfaction that only Livigno can offer.

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