How to Feng Shui Your Home on a Low Budget

Philosophy of Feng Shui stretches way outside the realm of our absolute comprehension. It’s an ancient Chinese art of living with a complex ideology and even more complex rules of its applicability.

It’s basis comprises of the idea that properly applied Feng Shui will improve any aspect of your life (or all of them) – your relationships, health, career, wealth.

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To say you know Feng Shui you need to spend years studying it thoroughly or turn to an expert who has already done the legwork. This time around we are doing just that – gathering up the best and most useful advice on how to decorate our home according to Feng Shui without busting our wallets.

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Feng Shui relies on principles of harmony and energy flow. We spend our lives unaware how greatly the environment influences our lives and everything happening in them. To live a happy, healthy and productive life, it’s best we rely on Feng Shui.

Use Feng Shui Octagon and Color to Energize Your Life Area

With a Feng Shui Octagon you will be able to map the energies of your home or the space/lot you are arranging. This “energy hunting” starts from the bottom (ground floor) and moves up (to other floors).

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Personal space: Life Area

To help a space get energized you need to associate a colored object from your Life Area with that color. Further, when Feng Shui Octagon helps you decode which color is a certain part of your house to “cure” it, you will use an object in the same color the energy of that area is colored in.

For instance, if Feng Shui Octagon pointed a corner of your living-room is energy-blue, you will put, say, blue cushions in that corner.

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As the point of Feng Shui is finding a solution for a better life through energy channeling, it is no surprise that it encourages the use of color to enhance your life energy. You should know that this ancient philosophy advocates the idea that each color has a particular meaning and therefore enhances a certain emotion/state of things.

How will Feng Shui help the immediate home improvement?

Experts of Feng Shui claim that you don’t need much money or some big changes to ensure immediate improvements in your home. Rather, a simple act of just moving furniture around can help a great deal.

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Here are some practical suggestions for an even more practical Feng Shui.

1. De-clutter

Feng Shui relies on the free flow of energy (chi). Therefore, the first thing you need to do when even thinking of going full Feng Shui is to clear out things like old newspapers, dead plants, bikes, toys, etc. from your home entry. Clear out anything looming behind your front door so they can open all the way. It’s important your entryway is clear and “healthy” so chi can flow undisturbed.

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2. Fix it

Nothing says good Feng Shui like well-functioning things around the house. Fixing broken things will bring about good energy and trigger good Feng Shui. Check for doors, windows, floors, pieces of furniture, etc. that need repairing/changing and get them back in shape. Also, you need your front door in top shape – no squeaking or scraping, please. Tighten the doorknob and secured it. Fixing of broken things smoothes your life path, helping you let go of anxieties and frustrations at the same time. Not to mention your place will look clean and stunning!

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3. Bedroom

For a hot love life, add plants in your bedroom. To add hope and cheer to your love nest, add either three or nine plants to your love nest. Further, position your bed in such a way you can see who is approaching your bedroom door or your bed. When your bed is in a Commanding position, you are attracting calamity, strength, love and safety.

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4. Rugs

Choosing the right rug/carpet is one of the important aspects of Feng Shui. The size and shape of a rug you choose may directly influence the flow of chi, especially if we are talking about an entrance rug. The color is important too and should match the energy of the room you are buying the designer rug for. For proper Feng Shui, never buy rugs with prints that are symbolic of happiness, peace, spirituality, calamity, etc. For instance, buying a rug with angels would be such a bad idea – how can walking over angels every day bring good energy?

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To have a full-functioning Feng Shui in your home you need to accept it as a way of life and act according to all the rules it may impose.

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