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Five Best Places For Solo Travelers

If you are kind of person who enjoys travelling and spending time on its own, the world has a lot to offer. There are places on Earth that prove wrong everybody who thinks that the solo trips are a bad idea. Not that you will enjoy the atmosphere and the spirit of these cities but you will definitely want to come back over and over again. Solo travelers, below you can see some of the places you should visit.

Gili Islands, Indonesia

This archipelago of three small islands is a call for every single solo traveler on this planet. The place itself, the specific color of the water, the beaches and the cozy atmosphere is what calls the people’s attention.

Image by caseyd419 via Flickr

Image by Christopher Harriot via Flickr

Image by Christopher Harriot via Flickr

South Island, New Zealand

South Island is the pearl of New Zealand, the larger of the two major islands that belong to the territory of this country. A little more than one million of people enjoy living there. So if you ever decide to travel alone at least make sure you choose a place worth the effort of spending hours to reach it and enjoy its beauties.

Image by Johanna Remus via Flickr

Image by geofotousa via Flickr

Image by Tim Donnelly via Flickr

3. Sri Lanka

It seems like the islands are very popular among the solo travelers. Sri Lanka could not be an exception on the list of must-visit places. It’s an island country located on the northeast of the Maldives and on the southeast of the Republic of India. Not that you will enjoy the nature and all the beauties that Sri Lanka owns but you could learn a lot of things about the history as there are people of many cultures living on the island.

Image by Iris Liu via Flickr

Image by POTIER Jean-Louis via Flickr

4. Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan is the India’s largest state when the territory is in question. It is located on the northwestern side of the country, sharing the border with Pakistan. The Thar Dessert, the ruins of the Indus Valley civilization at Kalibanga and the Dilwara Temple are just some of the places waiting to be explored.

Image by Rajarshi MITRA via Flickr

Image by Hadi Zaher via Flickr

Image by Chris JL via Flickr

Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland is the most easterly province of Canada. There are just half a million of people living there. This province is believed to be the most linguistically homogeneous of whole Canada. The truth is that it is a bit cooler than a lot of other places you may want to visit but it is definitely worth every single degree!

Image by Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble via Flickr

Image by Simon Collison via Flickr

Image by J Hikka via Flickr

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