Five Fabulous Hotels In Tbilisi Which Won’t Harm Your Wallet

There is no need to say, that Tbilisi, the capital city of amazingly beautiful Georgia, is unique. The city is located near the banks of a river Kura and surrounded by mountains – after all, the entire country is almost entirely covered by various sized hills and mountains. That is around 73 percent of the whole area!

Apart from extraordinary nature, Tbilisi can also make you fall in love with it because of a unique mash of different cultures, both ancient and modern architectures and amazingly hospital people who will treat you like a real friend even though they see you for the first time.

Today I would like to recommend you five incredible hotels in this amazing town which you should book right away and fall in love with the city and the country forever!

Hotel Citadel Narikala

This four-star hotel might not be the most luxurious one, but its’ location and the views beyond are going to pay off for sure. All this is due to the fact, that hotel is located on a steep hill, which is not that easy to access by car or other public transportation units. However, if you don’t mind using your feet and really wish to have breakfast with the whole Tbilisi on your palm, you must try it. People who have been here also praise the staff of a hotel as being super friendly and pretty well fluent English speakers.

Villa Mtiebi

Villa Mtiebi might not be the first budget-conscious traveler’s choice, but it definitely is worth considering as your hotel for your trip in Georgia. It has a perfect location (in the middle of the city) nearby the river and all the Georgian fun bars and restaurants. It is also a pretty charmingly looking hotel too, with a unique Caucasian vibe, spacious rooms, and fantastic views. And I, in particular, love the lovely central courtyard where you can just sit and enjoy a glass of wine. It might cost a bit more than you would wish (even for Georgian prices), but these exclusive Hotwire promotions at helped me out once, so I believe it can help you out too!

The Terrace Hotel

It is hard to find a hotel in Tbilisi which doesn’t have fantastic views from it, and the Terrace Hotel is another great example of this fact. Many rooms have balconies from which the unique city’s panorama opens ups – the best views, according to many visitors are at night. The staff here is also super friendly, and rooms are clean and spacious, and the food is pretty great as well.

Demi Hotel

This mid-priced gem in Tbilisi is also worth mentioning here, both because of excellent price range and beautiful views. It also distinguishes itself thanks to a charming, cozy and home-like atmosphere which happens to be strengthened by home-cook meals you can eat here too. The staff is friendly, fluent in English and happy to assists you if needed!


Probably the most high-notch hotel in this list – Vinotel – is a perfect place for romantic and charming stay in Tbilisi. Decorated in the traditional Georgian style, accompanied by traditional meals and wines, here you surely get a glance of that Georgia is all about. Actually, the hotel is all dedicated to wines, so here you can try out mostly all the types of Georgian wines possible. It is hard to find a visitor who left this hotel unsatisfied – and it is easy to understand why!

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