Five Incomparable Yet Beautiful Spots In The World

Earth does not stop to surprise us with its beauties. Even if you are a die-hard traveler, there is always some beautiful destination you haven’t heard about. The nature with its beauties transform every single place to a Heaven on Earth. However, there are still some less-known, less-visited places barely anyone heard of. We would like to recommend you some of them. All of them are so different one from another, yet so beautiful and worth the effort, the time and the money spent to check them. So, grab your wish list and don’t forget to add those five spots.

1. Camlihemsin, Turkey

If you are a nature lover this is the perfect place for you. If you enjoy the green views, the mountain spirit and the fresh air instead of crowded places, grab your bag and do not doubt in visiting Camlihemsin. It is a small Turkish town of Rize Province located in the Black Sea. It is believed to be the most attractive place to visit of the eastern Black Sea region.

Image by Nurettin Mert AYDIN via Flickr

Image by ccdoh1 via Flickr

Image by Abdullah Al-Muashi via Flickr

2. Moraine Lake, Canada

This precious lake with breathtaking nature is located in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. It is a glacially fed lake. It has an unusual and specific blue-colored water and the color comes from the reflection of the light off the rock flour.

Image by Kimberly Vardeman via Flickr

Image by Juliane Schultz via Flickr

Image by Steve Boland via Flickr

3. Valldemosa, Spain

When beautiful destinations are in question, the Spanish villages could not be exception. Valldemosa is a Majorcan village famous for its outstanding beauty. The Royal Charterhouse of Valldemosa is what you should not miss when there.

Image by Andrés Nieto Porras via Flickr

Image by Andrés Soliño via Flickr

4. Cornwall, United Kingdom

Cornwall is a ceremonial county in the United Kingdom. It borders with the English Channel, the Celtic Sea and the River Tamar. It’s a peaceful place, perfect for a getaway to relax your mind, enjoy the beautiful view and disconnect with the fast life in the big cities.

Image by Tony Armstrong via Flickr

Image by barnyz via Flickr

Image by Frans Schouwenburg via Flickr

5. Thorsmork, Island

Thorsmork is just another proof that Europe owns the most beautiful mountain ridges in the world. The place got the name after the Norse god Thor. It is situated between the rivers Krossa and Markarfijot. Thorsmork is very popular among the hikers.

Image by Patrick via Flickr

Image by anson chu via Flickr

Image by Steve Boland via Flickr

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