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Five must-do things for your next trip to Canada

From hiking mountainous trails to snowmobiling towards glaciers, Canada has a lot to offer the explorers of the world. Planning a trip there can be a tough job when the country is so big though, so where do you start? No matter which area you’re headed to, hopefully you’ll be able to fit in a few of these must-see attractions across the Canadian boarder.

Spy on a polar bear

This incredible animal has been seen by very few people, but you could be one of them if you visit Churchill, in Hudson Bay. This human settlement is known as the best place in the world to catch a glimpse of polar bears in the wild. Thousands of people travel there every year during the October and November months, when the bears move from their summer home on the tundra, back across to their seal-hunting habitat. These beautiful animals are not to be missed.

Stay in a hotel on the Falls

Most people want to visit Niagara Falls as one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips, but what about actually sleeping on the very edge of them? This Marriott Niagara Falls hotel gives you the opportunity to do just that! Spectacular views, regular tours and lots of packages if you want to keep the kids entertained too. What more could you ask for?

Zip line in a rainforest

While many people prefer to see what Canada has to offer on foot, why not be a little more adventurous and zip line your way across the country? There are tonnes of zip lining tours, from snowy peaks to dense rainforests, that you can see from the sky. One of the best places to head for, with some lines up to a kilometre long and 650 feet in the air, is the courses on top of Cougar Mountain, just 10 minutes from Whistler Village, British Columbia. For more information on this quaint Canadian village, click here.

Take a sleigh ride

If you head up towards the north west of Canada, you’ll find the beautiful snowy plains of Yukon. Home to hundreds of wildlife types, what could be better than enjoying a winter sleigh ride towards the Northern Lights? After taking in this romantic trip, you can head back to a cosy log cabin. From horse-back rides and dog-sledding, to ice fishing on Fox Lake, you can’t visit Canada without stopping by.

Take a walk on the high side

If you prefer the city life, then why not take an EdgeWalk around one of Canada’s most iconic buildings – CN Tower! You’ll have the most spectacular view when you walk around its circumference… on the outside! You’ll be 1,168 feet above the ground attached only by a harness, so this is only for the adrenalin junkies out there.

I hope you enjoyed this list of must-see attractions in Canada. Are you heading out there soon? If you have any advice for people, please leave a comment.

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