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Five Must-visit Music Venues In Nashville, Tennessee

When you think of Nashville, you may think of shopping, hot chicken, or maybe even the Batman building. For most people, however, Music City USA means only one thing, Country! While the city is becoming a popular destination for partying, it still atttracts a worldwide audience for it’s thriving live music scene. But where should you go to sample the finest aural delights this city offers? We look at five legendary venues which will give you a true taste of Nashville’s rich musical heritage.

Robert’s Western World

Cold beer, live music, and cheap eats, this lower broadway venue is the epitome of cool. While it may be a relative youngster on the scene, having only opened during the 1990’s, this building oozes traditional Nashville charm. Originally a small boots and clothing shop, there are still plenty of goods available for sale here. But while space may be limited inside, it serves up an unbounded amount of the authentic Nashville experience.

The Grand Ole Opry House

For any fan of Country music, The Grand Ole Opry needs little introduction. Steeped in history, it has long been an American musical institution. It’s no surprise that it’s now known as the show which made country music famous. Now close to marking it’s 100th year, the Opry is the longest running radio show in history. Having been located in the Grand Ole Opry House since March 1974, this venue has become synonymous with the show. The venue has hosted performances from almost every country music icon since. As such, it’s the perfect place to spot the rising stars of tomorrow and soak up some true Nashville history.

The Ryman Auditorium

Home to the Ole Opry between 1943 and 1974, this venue was the fifth of six homes occupied by the famous show. Constructed in 1892 and originally intended for religious services, this building now plays host to some of music’s brightest stars. With a wide range of musical tastes covered, there’s a regular roster of stars lining up to take their place on it’s famous stage.

Daniel Schwen [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Tootsies Orchid Lounge

For something a little more understated but certainly no less historical, Tootsies offers more lo-fi alternative. Located behind the Ryman, this distinguished honky-tonk bar has launched many country star careers. With three separate stages inside the building, there’s guaranteed to be live music inside on every night of the week. There’s also a glorious “wall of fame” inside which inside which is a who’s who of country music. For anyone wanting to experience a true Music City atmosphere, there are few better places than here.

Kathleen Conklin from Falls Church, USA [CC BY 2.0]

Legends Corner

A trip to Nashville is not complete without a walk down Broadway. This bar-lined street in downtown offers many alternatives for music-seeking aficionados. Situated on the corner with 5th, this modestly-sized bar offers the essence of Nashville. Great music, reasonable prices and a fantastic atmosphere, this is very much a slice of modern Nashville. Perhaps not as well-known as any of the above, or many which don’t feature on this list, this Honky-tonk bar is still worthy of high praise.

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