Five Perfect Destinations for Stag Weekend Abroad When You are on Budget

Enjoying a memorable stag do on a weekend abroad does not mean having to break the bank. There are a number of destinations perfect for a top stag weekend which can be enjoyed on a modest budget. Listed below are five of the very best.

There was once a time when a typical stag do consisted of a single night’s revelry, usually spent on a pub crawl. There is nothing wrong with that of course, it is a tradition after all. However, as time has moved on and tastes have changed, an increasing amount of bridegrooms are choosing to extend their stag party from one night to a whole weekend. Deciding to spend that weekend abroad may concern some members of the party as regards to the potential cost but there are plenty of overseas destinations which offer great facilities for a perfect stag weekend at a surprisingly modest price.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

For a top stag weekend abroad at a reasonable price, the capital of the Czech Republic is difficult to beat. Prague has long been a popular stag weekend destination with RedSeven Leisure customers and for good reason. The city is brimming with bars and clubs but the biggest plus point of choosing Prague for a stag weekend is the cheap price of the beer. As many of the beers on offer are brewed locally, the price remains low which is great news for revellers!

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2. Krakow, Poland

The country of Poland may not be the first destination that comes to mind when organising a stag weekend but the relatively good value of food and drink in the major cities makes it an enticing prospect. Krakow is the second-biggest city in the country and offers a mind-boggling selection of bars and clubs. In fact, the historic streets of Krakow can boast the highest-density of drinking establishments in the world ? a perfect stag party recommendation if there ever was one say RedSeven Leisure!

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3. Amsterdam, Holland

At just over an hour flight time, Amsterdam is perfect for those who want to spend as much time in their destination as possible. One of the most popular and best value for money stag weekend activities available here is the Beer Bike. Allowing you to take in the sights of this beautiful city, the Limo Beer Bike has a bar on board, a handy proposition considering many of the passengers will have to pedal. Don’t worry though, a driver is provided.

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4. Andorra

Bordered by both Spain and France, Andorra is one of the smallest countries in the world and is another unlikely stag weekend destination. However, the duty free status of the country means that you are unlikely to find cheaper alcohol anywhere else in Europe. Just because Andorra is small in size does not mean the nightlife is any less. This, coupled with the stunning scenery, make Andorra a tempting destination.

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5. Sofia, Bulgaria

It is only in recent years that Bulgaria has risen in popularity as a holiday destination. Despite more tourists visiting every year, the general cost of most things in the country remains very reasonable. The capital city of Sofia offers plenty of vibrant nightlife to enjoy when the sun goes down and a broad offering of fantastic winter sports by day. Overall, the city is a top value stag weekend destination.

A stag weekend spent abroad need not be an unrealistic dream. By planning everything carefully and choosing your destination wisely, a great time can be had on a modest budget.

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  • I like the fact that this is based on people being on a budget. No matter how good friends you are with the groom, whether its for stags in Ireland stags in Ireland or abroad, nothing worse than having people giving out about the budget afterwards!

  • For me one of the best destinations for a stag party in Europe is Poland, especially Warsaw. I have been there few times and each party was awesome! The one that I liked the best took place in a club called New Orleans. It was an incredible place, elegant and classy. And I still remember the gorgeous dancers that work there - they were so beautiful!

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