Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Faroe Islands

There are a lot of reasons why the people enjoy travelling so much. A fair enough reason is that there is no special reason for travelling. But if you want to explore, enjoy, discover and experience something new, there are innumerous places waiting for you. With all the rights on your address, we can afford ourselves to introduce you the beautiful Faroe Islands and give you five basic reasons why you should visit this place as soon as you are able too.

1. Northern Lights

If you are looking for a unique opportunity to experience something unusual and different, wait for the right moment to go there and enjoy the view. It is also known as Aurora and it’s a mixture of red, yellow, blue, violet and green spectrum on the sky above Faroe Islands. It is something that will leave you breathless for sure.

Image by Hans Juul Hansen via Flickr

Image by Hans Juul Hansen via Flickr

2. Nature

Some places will leave you completely speechless with their tranquility. Especially the places located away from the inhabited areas such as the coastline will seek from you to come over and over again by offering you moments of inner peace.

Image by Hans Juul Hansen via Flickr

Image by Hans Juul Hansen via Flickr

Image by Hans Juul Hansen via Flickr

3. Amazing sunsets

It is true that every single place on Earth has amazing sunsets to be recognized for, but it seems like Faroe Islands beat every other place in the world when the sunsets are in question. By saying that you would enjoy them even alone we’ve said enough.

Image by Ævar Guðmundsson via Flickr

4. Beautiful villages

Even though it covers an area of only 1.400 km2 there are a huge number of villages worth visiting. Places like Porkeri, Eidi, Klaksvik, Funningur, Bour and Gjogv are only a few of the numerous places that will call your attention with their look.

Image by Miranda Metheny via Flickr

Image by Stefan Wisselink via Flickr

Image by Ævar Guðmundsson via Flickr

5. Torshavn and Magnus Cathedral

Magnus Cathedral is a ruined and rebuilt old cathedral which never reached its end when the building process is in question while Torshavn cathedral is the second oldest on the island.

Image by Francesco Giordano via Flickr

Image by Allan Watt via Flickr

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