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Food & Travel: 11 Traditional Dishes of Macedonia – part 1

We all like to travel, because traveling is fun. But when it comes to traveling we must eat something. With each different culture there are different traditions. Traditional clothes, music and the best part is the traditional food, or the traditional dishes. We came across a Macedonian website about the tradition and we were so impressed by the traditional dishes. We made some researches and got to conclusion that the most traditional food in Macedonia is the Ajvar. Also we found the Tavce Gravce dish. There are many other traditional dishes, sweets and cakes, but in this article we decided to give you a list which consists of traditionally called “mandja” or stew, and some salads. In a future we are going to come back and give list of some other foods. So take a look and tell us what you mean. Enjoy the food.

Ajvar (pronounced eye-var)

Babino Svinsko (Grandmother’s pork meat)

Struska Jagula (Eel from Struga)

Traditional Moussaka from Potatoes

Pastrmka (Trout from Ohrid or Dorjan)

Traditional Sarma

Selsko Meso (Meat on the peasant way)

Shopska Salad

Tavce Gravce (Bean on Traditional way)

Turli Tava (Traditional dish with mixed vegetables)

Urnebes Salad (meaning Mayhem Salad)

You can find full recipes here

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