Fortaleza – World Cup 2014 Hosting City

Fortaleza is a state capital of Ceara in Northeastern Brazil. It’s population is 2.55 million and the whole metropolitan area is 3.6 million. It is one of the three leading cities in northeast region in Brazil together with Salvador and Recife. The history of Fortaleza begins on February 2, 1500 when Spaniard Vicente Pinzon landed in Mucuripe Cove and named the new island Santa Maria de la Consolacion.  This is just the beginning of a great history of Fortaleza, to read the following events you can always go to wikipedia.

The climate in Fortaleza is typical tropical climate. The average annual temperature through the year is 27 C (81 F) with humidity of 77%. The most common trees here are the coconuts and mango trees.

This year, FIFA named Fortaleza to be one of the hosting cities of the World Cup 2014 and they did not make a mistake. It is a great city with great places to be visited. The weather is always good for taking a relaxing time on the sunny beaches beside that it may rains, but is there anything more romantic then swimming in the rain?

Image by Ari via Flickr

Iracema Beach

Image by Ricardo via Flickr

December 19 Square

Image by Juliao Matos via Flickr

Cathedral Fortaleza

Image by Philips Communications via Flickr

Bars near Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture

Image by Lyssuel Calvet via Flickr

Image by Lyssuel Calvet via Flickr

Sunset, West of Fortaleza

Image by Ricardo via Flickr

Arena Castelão

Image by Crystian Cruz via Flickr

Image by Crystian Cruz via Flickr

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