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How Foundation Problems Can Damage Your Garage Doors

Every home owner knows that houses and garages won’t stay perfect forever. Whether your property is brand new or several decades old, problems will arise and something must be done to resolve them. While some issues can be relatively easy or inexpensive to fix, others can be real headaches. Foundation problems tend to fall into the headache category. Although some people say a house or garage’s foundation should last forever, that just isn’t the case. A good foundation keeps your house or garage above ground, but it also insulates against the cold, keeps out moisture, and even resists movements of the earth around it.

While cracks in the foundation can be easy to ignore, it’s much harder to ignore cracked walls or a misaligned garage door.If a foundation problem isn’t taken care of, it will not go away; it will continue to get worse until you are forced to confront it. Make sure you understand the signs of foundation problems. At their worst, foundation problems can permanently damage your house or cause floors to collapse. It’s crucial you speak to a foundation repair expert and have your home inspected. Nobody wants to life in an unsafe home, but foundation repairs can be quite expensive.

The same can be said for your garage’s foundation. Even if you don’t see cracks in your basement’s foundation, you should keep an eye on your garage because those repairs can also be quite expensive.

Understanding Foundation Problems

Foundation problems arise for a number of reasons, including bad construction practices and environmental issues. Before laying a concrete foundation for a garage or home, the soil must be fully settled, and an ample amount of sand and gravel should be spread. If this process is rushed, foundation problems are more likely to occur. Even when your garage has a great foundation, environmental issues can cause cracks and movement to occur.

How Can Foundation Problems Damage Your Garage Door?

When cracks begin to form in the foundation, it’s quite possible for your garage door to become damaged. If the foundation shifts just enough in the right direction, your garage door might bend or even break. Even if the door itself doesn’t break, these shifts can put unnecessary pressure on springs and other garage door components; if these parts break, the garage door might not open and will need repaired. In cases where the foundation shifts drastically, the garage door might not be able to shut evenly, making a home vulnerable to break-ins or visits from unwanted animals.

Although cracks in the foundation are often a warning sign, homeowners only need to worry if the foundation problems start to prevent the garage door from operating properly. If you notice issues with your garage door in relation to the foundation, it’s important to fix things as quickly as possible. However, prevention is often less expensive than simply waiting for things to go wrong. If you suspect that your garage’s foundation might have problems in the near future, it’s best to be proactive and have it examined.

How Can You Prevent or Fix These Problems?

Aside from ensuring your home’s foundation is installed properly, the best way to minimize the cost of repairs is to consult professionals as soon as possible. It might not be appealing to fix something that isn’t causing you a headache but waiting could lead to disaster. If your garage has already been damaged due to foundation problems, consult with a garage door repair company near you.

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