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Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Hahn Kitchen Sink

When buying a kitchen sink, especially if this is your first time, you need to consider several things. How deep is it? What material is it made of? What type of utensils will you be washing in the sink? This is because items made of stainless steel will likely leave marks on your porcelain sink. Before buying a sink, it is best to look at BarterDesign’s Hahn sink review to ensure you get the right kitchen sink.

Do Hahn kitchen sinks come with faucets?

Yes, Hahn kitchen sinks come with faucets. There are several types of faucets from which to choose. Hahn Pull Down faucet is great for deep sinks since the spray head can be pulled down into the basin. This makes washing and rinsing much easier.

Hahn Pull Out faucets, on the other hand, are designed to pull out horizontally. This makes it easier if you are working in the sink and maybe need to fill pots outside the basin. Hahn also has classic faucets that are functional and contribute to the overall appearance of the kitchen, especially if you are going for a rustic outcome.

What material are the sinks made of?

Today, you have plenty of options when buying kitchen sinks, including your preferred material. Hahn offers buyers greater choice when it comes to kitchen sinks. This brand has two main types of kitchen sinks, stainless and signature series.

The stainless series constitutes three types of sinks, classic chef, farmhouse, and small radius series. These kitchen sinks are made of steel but are of different designs. The Signature Series collection has the Copper Series, FireClay Series, and Granite Series. The Signature Series is made up of sinks that are functional and have an aesthetic appeal.

What designs are available?

You get two options when buying Hahn kitchen sinks, Farmhouse and undermount. The Farmhouse style has ageless beauty that is iconic to traditional kitchens. This classic design is functional and has been designed to hide scratches arising from everyday use. This is perfect for various kitchen designs.

The undermount style is popular in most kitchens because it provides a seamless transition from the countertop, making cleaning easier. You can get single and double sinks in this design.

What accessories do the sinks come with?

When you buy khan kitchen sinks, you can get sink drains and strainers. The sink strainers are designed to keep food waste from blocking your drain. This way, water keeps flowing freely, and you are protected from clogs.

The other accessory available is the soap dish grid. It is made from stainless steel and is designed to protect the bottom of your sink from scratches. It also prevents residue build-up and elevates dirty dishes. This ensures movement of water is not affected when your sink is full of dishes.

For you to appreciate the value of Hahn kitchen sinks, it is best to understand its properties and the different designs. Having all the information makes it easier for you to choose the perfect sink for your kitchen.

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