Frozen Bubbles Under The Surface Of Lake Abraham

Mother Nature really worked hard for us in order never to feel bored. Wonderful and amazing phenomena we can see around the planet. Maybe lakes looks just average, but the real magic happens in winter. Frozen water creates extraordinary forms. Surreal is the fact that we can live at this beautiful creation of nature.

Canada itself is a stunning country, especially if you love winter and snow. Abraham artificial lake located in western Alberta, Canada, was created in 1972 by construction of the dam on the River Saskatchewan. Abraham Lake is home to a rare phenomenon called “frozen bubbles” that make the lake popular among tourists. Those bubbles are frozen under the below the surface on the Abraham Lake. Plant at the bottom of the lake produced very combustible methane gas.

Methane bubbles are made in the lake where the temperature is lower, than frozen and precipitated one under another. Also characteristic of Abraham Lake is its blue color which is made due to the chemical composition of the rocks in that region. Under the deep frozen “glass” you can see all the cracks, you can see dark bottom and you can hear the deep underwater sounds of breaking and cracking of ice coming from below. The feeling to walk on the Abraham Lake is truly unforgettable.

By increasing the thickness of the layer of ice, wonderful shapes are created which are inspirations for many photographers. Holding the fingers in function, the body heat and the assurance that you can stand firmly on ice and will not fall off is the hardest part of the process of photographing these bubbles. Good photographs depend on the conditions and the work that they make and the good trips depend on the place you decide to visit. Therefore if you have chance to visit, with no regret see the beauty called Abraham Lake.

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