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Fun Things You’ll Love to Do in St Kilda, Melbourne

When was the last time you went on a holiday? If you can’t remember, then it means you’re long overdue for one. Maybe you’ve been so busy with work, family and everything else in between that you’ve forgotten to take a break.

No matter what time of year it is, when you have the chance to unwind and spend quality time with family and friends, you should make the most of it. And if you’re looking for some ideas of where to go and what to do, we’ve got you covered.

A destination where you can enjoy the great outdoors, food, and some shopping is St Kilda. This beachside suburb in Melbourne is perfect for new experiences and discoveries.

So, whether you’re up for an adventure or a quick weekend getaway, one of the things you need to prepare for is transportation. Need a car and want to save? Lucky for you, it’s easy to find an affordable car hire near Melbourne Airport.

You won’t have to spend your entire budget on things like a car and accommodations and put more of it in your epic trip to St Kilda. After all, there are so many places to visit and activities for you to enjoy.

Luna Park

Travelling with kids? You can’t go wrong with Luna Park. No matter who you are, there’s something about Luna Park that appeals to both young and the young at heart. For more than a hundred years, this amusement park has welcomed and entertained visitors from all over the place.

Get your camera ready and be sure to take a good photo in front of the famous giant smiling face at the entrance. It’s a tradition you shouldn’t break. The entrance to Luna Park is free, which is great because even if you don’t feel like going on rides, you can still have fun wandering around the amusement park with your group.

But since you’re already there, make the most out of your trip and take a ride at the park’s longest roller coaster, the Great Scenic Railway. Not only will you experience an exhilarating ride, but you will also enjoy the stunning views of the city’s CBD and beautiful coastline.

St Kilda Penguins

You can’t go to St Kilda and not see the St Kilda’s adorable penguins. Whether you’re travelling solo or with kids, you’ll surely enjoy meeting them up close and personal. Just head to the end of St Kilda pier past the pavilion. The best time to catch them is duringright after sunset when the penguins are returning to their homes.

If you have kids in tow, they can learn more about the penguins, thanks to the volunteers who are available to offer answer questions your children may have. Just remember to treat the penguins well.

By Mikeybear [CC BY 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Please avoid taking photos with flash like a crazed paparazzi. It’s not a good idea to bombard the penguins with so many people taking snaps and flashing their lights at the same time.

St Kilda Beach

If you’re looking for some fun in the sun and getting some sand between your toes, you’re in luck. St Kilda Beach is just six kilometres away from the city, and it is a favourite destination of both locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re up for a swim or just want to work on your tan, you can do it all here. From windsurfing, sailing, jet skiing, you name it, enjoy a fun-filled day at St Kilda Beach.

St Kilda Botanic Gardens

This heritage-listed garden was established in the 1800s and is home to a wide variety of flowers, plants, trees, as well as wildlife. If you’re the type of person who loves to enjoy nature and bird-watching, then you’ll have a grand old time here.

The gardens also offer fun places for children like a giant chessboard, a fun playground, and an Eco-Centre where both children and adults can learn more about sustainable living habits.

St Kilda Festival

If you happen to visit St Kilda around February, be sure to take part in the biggest event of the year, the St Kilda Festival. For more than 30 years, St Kilda has been the venue for Australia’s summer celebration.

No one parties like Aussies do, the best part is the event is free, and you can party with thousands of people and be entertained by some of the country’s best musical acts. This is an event you shouldn’t miss!

These are just some of the great places and exciting activities you can expect during your visit to St Kilda. If you’ve been to St Kilda, we’d love to hear from you. What was your favourite attraction, and how was your experience? Please let us know by leaving a comment.

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