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Geneva – city of Glamor and Luxury

Renowned Swiss city has a cosmopolitan spirit as London or Paris. At the streets patrolled precious cars such as Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Ferrari and many others.

How does look the ideal city? Neither too big nor too small. It has all the advantages of the metropolis, but has peaceful rhythm of a province that evokes tranquility and breaks the dynamics of city life. Besides all this, Geneva possesses a rich tradition, magnificent architecture, attractive natural beauty and the best standard of living in the world.

Situated on the west coast of the eponymous lake and is a metropolis in retail packaging with approximately 200,000 residents in closer to 750,000 residents in the wider area. Renowned Swiss city has a cosmopolitan spirit as London or Paris, but with retained heat of Alpine towns.

Geneva is located in the Alps, but it is not a typical mountain town, because 90 percent of its surface is flat. It is like beautiful oasis, from all sides is surrounded by mountain peaks, the only hill is at the center, and here is located the Old City, interlaced with narrow and ideally positioned streets, typical for the Swiss cities. Here are the best drinks and coffee, according to residents. At the top is the Cathedral of St. Peter, and you should not miss the visit of City Hall, many museums and the Russian Orthodox Church. A special attraction is the beautiful villas on Lake Geneva that evoke imagination and are synonymous with luxury and an ideal place to live.

Here you can see magnificent photos of Geneva that will gonna blow your mind.

Geneva Cathedral

Image by J P via Flickr

Geneva Lake

Image by rytc via Flickr

Geneva trees in Autumn

Image by Patrick Nouhailler via Flickr

Lac Leman, Geneva

Image by slack12 via Flickr

Place de Molard

Image by Frank Friedrichs via Flickr

Rooftops of Geneva

Image by J P via Flickr

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