George Scorsis: Why this Toronto Business Leader Opts for Two Wheels Instead of Four

When you ask motorcyclists why they ride, you’ll get a few different answers. Some people are in it for the speed or for the thrill of riding on the open road. Some are in it for the feeling of freedom and seeing the landscape. Some are into it for the biker lifestyle. And some are into it for the motorcycles themselves, which can be works of art in their own right.

Whatever the reason, there’s always one thing that riders share: the joy of becoming one with your machine.

George Scorsis, a Toronto entrepreneur, has more than 15 years of experience leading companies to growth in highly regulated industries. During the course of his career George has held a range of professional titles and positions, but quite possibly his favorite title over the years has been “avid motorcyclist.”

Outside of his professional responsibilities, George enjoys the freedom of the road and rides his three motorcycles any chance he gets. We talked to the enthusiast about his captivation of motorcycles, his inspirations and the psychology behind riding bikes.

When did you fall in love with motorcycling?

George Scorsis:

I fell in love with motorcycles at a young age. We used to spend our summers in Greece and I recall from the age of 6 years old being put on my families motorcycles. There was an immediate attraction to not only the machine, but the freedom I felt when I rode them.

What was your very first bike?

George Scorsis:

My first bike was a Kawasaki ZX7R. I remember getting it as soon as I received my drivers license.

If we were to open your garage today, what bike(s) would we find?

George Scorsis:

You would find 3 very different bikes:

  • A 1972 Norton Commando
  • A 2006 Ducati Sport Classic
  • And a 2015 KTM RC8

Motorcycle enthusiasts have said that riding gives them a “zen-like” effect, providing them with total unification of mind, body, and situational awareness. Do you agree or disagree with this philosophy?

George Scorsis:

Riding a motorcycle is like no other feeling. On the one hand you need to be constantly on alert and anticipating what other vehicles will do. I believe in world of automation and technology our senses are not being utilized as they should be so it forces you to sharpen them. In the same regard, It also gives you an opportunity to be alone without distractions. There are no cell phones, no GPS, and no passengers in many cases. Its you and the bike. This is the ultimate ability to unplug and truly be at one with the machine which in my opinion is therapeutic.

What is the best ride you’ve ever had? What is the most scenic place you’ve ever ridden?

George Scorsis:

It may be that it’s the origin of where my passion for motorcycles first started. But there is a spiritual feeling I get when I go back home to my families place of origin in Rhodes, Greece and get to ride on the scenic roads of the island. Its designed to follow the coastline and it also gives a good mix of mountains and coastal applications.

What is your most memorable motorcycle story?

George Scorsis:

Riding through the Appalachian Mountains without a destination. And stopping in small communities for the night to rest. The 2 day trip became a 4 day trip and I made new friends that have lasted a lifetime. There was no schedule, no agenda, and simply an opportunity to ride amazing roads.

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