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How To Get The Best Carry-On Luggage

Whether you are taking a short one and a half hour flight for a business trip or you are taking that flight to the destination of your dreams, carry-on is a MUST. Not only will it help in the unfortunate event that your luggage is lost, but it can also be much easier to only take a carry-on case when a shorter trip is underway. But with so many luggage options out there and varying costs and budgets to work with, how can one choose the best possible carry-on for their needs?

Below is a list of some of the best cases that can take your trip from cumbersome, to carefree.

Biaggi Contempo Four-Wheel Spinner Collapsible.

This particular option is perfect for those who travel frequently, and need to pack everything they need into their carry-on. When not in use this model collapses down to measure at a fraction of its actual size. Because of this, it would easily slip under a hotel bed, into a closet or up and away on a shelf. Additionally, this bag boasts an inner zippered pocket panel, an elastic packing strap, and two zippered mesh compartments for secure storage. Though this is a little higher on the price scale, the cost is well worth the product received.

Rimowa Salsa Air Cabin Multiwheel

This sleek and sexy carry-on bag is one of the most commonly seen models on the market. Though it does cost double what the above-mentioned case retails for, there are definite reasons why one would want to choose this model over something with a soft exterior. When doing excessive travel, or long flights with a multitude of connecting flights using a carry-on with a “hard shell” exterior can ensure that all of the interior contents remain safe and intact. Inside this sleek case is a myriad of mesh zipper compartments that allow for easy and fast organization of its contents.

Victorinox Spectra 2.0.

Another mod inspired travel bag to make all your travel dreams much easier to experience! This bag, which has been crafted by the makers of the Swiss Army Watch, boasts 360 wheels, a hard shell exterior, a stunning Swiss Army Red color, and is narrow enough to be wheeled instead of carried through a slim airplane aisle. One of the unique things about this bag is its ability to “heal” itself. If it happens to get a little bit of a dent, seconds later it is springing back into shape. Additionally, it also has an extra capacity version and all models come with their own universal tracking number. So if it ever goes missing, you’ll be able to locate it (and it’s contents) in no time.

The real trick to discovering the best carry-on luggage is deciphering what one truly needs in a case. If short but frequent trips are in the works, then having something with lots of interior storage, but can also be easily tucked away somewhere, is a necessity. For those looking to take less frequent trips, but would sooner go a greater distance, then a hard shell case with interior storage would be more beneficial. This is due mostly in part to the case being tucked under seats, taken on and off multiple flights at once, and perhaps needing to really protect that souvenirs on the way home.

Now that we’ve discovered a few of the best carry-on options out there, it’s time to discover which style and type will suit you and how you prefer to travel. Whether it’s quick and boarding, or meticulous planning and adventuring, any of these carry-on bags will allow you to travel with ease – and in most cases – with great panache!

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