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Get Your Kitchen Summer Ready

It might not seem like it, but we’re actually in the midst of our British summer time. When the weather is bad, but the company is good, then the kitchen could be the best place to convene. Often dubbed the hub of the home, here are some tips to help you get your kitchen summer ready!

Tips for the perfect summer kitchen

Whilst you could always go all out, buy a summer house and emigrate, there may be a few things that can help reinvent your kitchen space without breaking the bank.

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Bringing a bit of nature into your home can add colour, fragrance and style to your kitchen. Why not try starting your own herb garden, which will not only smell amazing but also (hopefully) produce herbs perfect to garnish those summer salads with.

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Fresh flowers can also provide as much nature and colour. If it’s pouring with rain outside, then the best way to bring summer indoors is to place flowers in a clear vase on your kitchen worktop. Try a variety of colours for maximum impact or subtle white flowers for a simpler, elegant look.

Clearing out your cupboards

Another way to ready your kitchen for summer is by cleaning out your fridge freezer. While this may sound like a daunting task, it will leave you with plenty of room to stock up on your summer favourites. The actual cleaning may take some time, but the results mean that your fridge is both as fresh as can be and also free of those leftovers lurking at the back never to be eaten. In the summertime it can be harder to keep the food fresh because of the warm temperatures, meaning that your fridge is working overtime to keep the food fresh. If your fridge is feeling sluggish and warm, try lowering the temperature by two degrees.

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Once the fridge is summer ready, it’s time to plan for those impromptu barbecues. The kitchen is always in full use during barbecue season, whether it is pre-cooking the meat, preparing the salads or as shelter from the rain. If your kitchen is to truly be summer ready it needs to be barbecue prepared. According to James Martin’s barbecue guide, for the best flavours from your meat you should pre-cook it in the oven. We suggest that if you have guests coming round, it might be time to give that oven a clean. On the other hand, once you have finished with the elbow grease, you may realise that your oven has seen better days. If so why not splash out on one? You use that oven more than you think, so don’t settle for anything less than perfect.

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Updating your kitchen’s look

If your kitchen is looking a little worn down in the summer sunlight then it might even be time to think about some new cabinet doors, cupboards or worktops. Throughout the summer, the kitchen may be used a lot thanks to its sociable, bright atmosphere; as well as being the source of all those delicious meals! If your worktops tend to look old, stained and well worn, then the whole room can appear run-down. Adding some new cabinets, doors or cupboards can revive the room and give it a summer glow that will last all year round.

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One of the best tips for a summer ready kitchen is to set a colourful table. The centerpiece to your kitchen, setting the table provides you with endless options. Add some colour by placing fruit or flowers, or choose a relaxing aroma to complement your cooking by adding some fragrant candles along the table. A bold table cloth could finish everything off perfectly; the simplest changes can make the world of difference.

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Once the kitchen is looking revitalised and the barbecue is sizzling, it is finally time to enjoy your summer with family and friends!

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