Get to Know Brazil During the World Cup Event

Brazil is the biggest country located in the South America. Because it is time of the World Cup 2014 and it is held in Brazil, we are going to show you some photos from around the Brazil. These photos are from random places that will draw you some attention. Whether you are there to watch the World Cup or you will visit some time later, it is good to visit those places. There are many beautiful cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Salvador and many more. Those cities are also hosting games during this World Cup 2014.

In the following days to keep up with the following happenings in Brazil, YourAmazingPlaces will share you some information and photos of each city where there is a football (soccer) stadium and where matches are held. Keep up with us and discover Brazil during this time.

Dois Irmãos, Rio de Janeiro

Image by Rubem Porto Jr via Flickr

Belém, Pará

Image by Daniel Zanini H. via Flickr

Caparaó Mountains’ peak, Minas Gerais

Image by dgarkauskas via Flickr

Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro

Image by Digo_Souza via Flickr

Museu Paulista, Sao Paulo

Image by BORIS G via Flickr

Iguazu Falls

Image by Doug Wheller via Flickr

Guaíba Lake, Porto Alegre

Image by dgarkauskas via Flickr

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