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How to Get Your Outdoor Living Space Ready for Guests

Summer is almost upon here, and it is time to get outdoor living space ready for guests. Consider the following: Do the trees and bushes need to be trimmed? Does the grass need to be fertilized and treated for weeds? Is there a patio area that needs to be refreshed and updated? Look at the yard through visitors’ eyes and you will be able to see exactly what needs to be done.

Start with Landscaping

Take a long hard, hard look at the grass and foliage. Are more flower beds needed? Would a fountain or bird bath add to the ambiance? Re-sodding or planting grass seed may also be a consideration. Do the work yourself or hire professionals to come in and turn the entire area into a paradise.

Photo by McNeill Photography

Clean the Area

Power wash any patio flooring and other hard surfaces. Check your siding for fungus and mildew and treat accordingly. If you have a pool, make sure it is properly maintained at all the right levels. Fencing may also need a scrub-down as well as any statuary or other decorative objects in the yard.

Photo by Green Tree Garden Design Ltd

Hide the Eyesores

You may have more lawn equipment than your garage can handle. It may be time to add a small gardening shed to the back of your property. Make sure it blends in with its surroundings by painting it to match the house. It will be a great place to store pool supplies and children’s outdoor toys. A perforated metal skin can also help hide some of the least desirable aspects of your living space.

Photo by Melbourne Design Studios (MDS)

Make Some Major Improvements

Now may be the time to add extra features to your backyard. Consider a new pool, fencing, gates, hot tub, patio cover, or fountain. Exactly what is added will depend on your budget, vision, personal preference, and style. This will help get outdoor living space ready for guests in a big way.

Photo by Affordable Shade Patio Covers

Inspect the Furniture

Check all of your furniture for any wear and tear. Replace cushions if necessary, and wipe down all the surfaces. Some pieces may have to be repaired or replaced. You may also want to add more furniture to your collection. Some unique options could include a glider, stone or concrete bench, a bar with stools, children’s playground equipment, or a new dining set that can accommodate more guests.

Photo by Duane Kaschak, ID

Add Decor and Foliage

Brighten up the entire area by adding fresh potted plants and colourful foliage in beds. Select varieties that match your personal style. For example, if an old-fashioned vintage look is desired, opt for red geraniums and yellow marigolds. Add smaller potted flowers to use as the center pieces on table-tops. Rotate seasonal annuals in the flower beds.

Photo by Shoman interiors LLC.

Add Lighting

The one necessary element that homeowners do not always think of is lighting. A chandelier underneath your patio ceiling would do wonders for those late-night dinners. Small solar lights could line pathways to prevent falls and other injuries. Pool lights can provide safety during late-night swims. There are even special lights that can hang on your fencing to add even more illumination.

Photo by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Getting ready for a gathering doesn’t have to be difficult. The better your yard and other outdoor areas look, the more pride will be taken in the environment that guests will be socializing in. Keeping this portion of your home clean and organized will provide you with a space that can be used for so many occasions. There are so many other ways and means to get outdoor living space ready for guests. Select the ones that will help you accommodate them in the very best and efficient fashion.

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