Getaway Attractions near Delhi in Budget – Your answer to a fun n’ frolic weekend!

Given the fast-paced life, Delhiites are constantly on the lookout for getaways on weekends. Parents are often found telling their kids about visits to grandparents’ place during summer holidays when they were young themselves. Indeed, where could you find a place better than the one that gives you the calm of visiting your ancestral village? However, it is practically difficult to satiate the adrenaline rush of Delhiites. They are always on the hunt for getaways that will provide them with the much needed “Kick” from their mundane routines as well as provide them their time to relax. Indeed, the best option for a getaway is the ones that provide both.

So, what are the factors that you should consider while looking out for a weekend getaway near Delhi?  Let us take a look:

List down your interests

What sort of activities would you like doing?  Would you enjoy hiking, swimming or just doing some adventure sports? Listing options on a piece of paper will help you in narrowing down options for adventure activities near Delhi.

Define your budget

Budget is one of the primary factors that will help you determine the destination of your getaway. You might want to do your booking during the off season as who doesn’t like to get discounts?

Decide the duration

As far as a weekend getaway near Delhi is concerned, it is obvious that you might not want to last it longer than a day. Just in case you want to, planning your agenda for each of the days would be an intelligent thing to do.  Shortly put – decide, how much time you want to put into activities and how much time would you need for relaxing.

Meal Options

Those stomach-churning activities are definitely going to give you hunger pangs quite soon into the day. You might want to check out places that give you the option of breakfast, lunch and evening snacks – Yes! There are places that offer that.

Allow members to indulge in group activities

If visiting in a group of family members, colleagues or friends, you might feel tempted to do all the activities together.  However, one should feel open to break up into groups depending upon personal interests. Simply, follow your heart!

Plan for quality time

Don’t indulge in all activity and no time for yourself and your partner. If visiting as a couple, you might even want to spend an hour or half with your beloved. Get yourself that much needed time to deepen the bond!

Build memories

Cherish the time you spend whether in your own company, with friends or with family.  Build memories to last till you could escape to the next getaway.

Now that you have your personal checklist to plan a weekend getaway near Delhi, let us have a look at what place is the best to zero in on for the same:

The Rurban village located perfectly on the outskirts of Delhi is a combination that will offer you the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Exactly what you came looking for here in the first place! This place definitely makes up for a perfect weekend getaway near Delhi.

The Rurban village is sure to give you some serious nostalgia by offering in its activities, rural sports such as Gilli Danda, Kite Flying, Kanche Goli, Gitthu/  Stapu, Saap Seedi (Snakes and Ladders), Ludo and Carrom. Combined with that, are some of the rural activities such as Pottery, Charkha, Biscope, Atta Chakki, Doodh Bilona, etc.  A Perfect fit for members ranging from the middle-aged to senior citizens!

It also has ample things to offer for the young at heart. Have a look:

Urban Sports such as Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Dart and Ring Throw.

Adventure activities near Delhi should be ones that contain water activities as a must.  Reason – Well, aren’t the conditioned environment around us to beat the heat too mainstream? The Rurban Village offers Mud Bath, Tube well Bath, Rain Shower, Duck Lake with Rahet, Lotus Pond and River Crossing in its options.

It also offers you urban adventure activities like Zip Line, Wall Climbing, Tyre Climbing, Body Zorbing, All Terrain Vehicle and Paddle Boating.

This place also has some bonus to offer for those close to nature.  Activities related to generating Solar Light, bio gas, Vermi Compost, etc. are the ones to name a few.

Get going as you have the complete guide to plan your weekend doing adventure activities near Delhi.


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