Getting Crafty With Cake! Designs For 2016

Your wedding cake is one of the most exciting things you get to choose for your big day, besides the dress. After all, it’s cake – and you get to reward yourself after eating nothing but carrot sticks and juicing for the months before your wedding, so you can fit in that dress (even though your husband-to-be proposed to you at the size you were before, so he obviously loves you anyway.)

If you have nuptials planned in 2016, here are some of the hottest designs to choose from. Have a quick browse while you keep that tab open to look at ring options – they’re both equally as important!

The naked cake

Yep, this penchant for cakes without the fondant and with all their internal loveliness on display is still on trend for 2016 and perfect for those of us who can’t stand the overwhelming sweetness of cake icing. You could even enlist the help of your Nan/Aunt to help create this simple cake design and dress it up yourself with fresh flowers and a dusting of icing sugar. Here are some great designs to whet your appetite.

The metallic touch

Metallics are big news for wedding stationery, with many couples opting for gold metallic lettering on invites and table décor and this trend has been translated onto wedding cakes. The metallic touch could be a metallic (edible) paint, applied all over the cake’s tiers, or an on trend design (we’re thinking chevrons).

The rustic cake

Do you love all things nature? Do you want to convey this love on your wedding cake? Then ask for a white cake to be decorated with flowers and leaves, with the tiers sat on a tree trunk stand. You can pick up a wood slice cake stand online, instead of heading out into the back garden and chopping down a tree for the occasion.

The personal touch

Personalising wedding cakes is a fun trend that many brides are now embracing and are a great way of adding a little fun while indulging your sweet tooth. A quote from you and your partner’s favourite song, painted onto the side of the cake, is a good way of achieving this. Alternatively you could have a dual themed cake, like this fun design, which features a classic looking cake on one side and a superhero theme on the other.

The rosette cake

Sugar roses placed all over one tier or the whole cake help create a truly 3D design and will give any wedding cake a striking presence on the main table. This trend is a strong one for 2016 and works best if the roses are kept white with perhaps a touch of pink or another pastel shade for the top tier.

The illustrated cake

Cake designers are craftier than ever these days and the illustrated cake design concept is a great way of introducing any theme to your dessert in a relatively simple way. Cake artists can simply paint designs onto fondant, using edible paint that now comes in a huge range of colour options. Here are some great examples to take inspiration from.

Whatever cake design you choose and whether you decide to hire a professional or enlist the services of your granny, it’s important that you choose a design that reflects you and your partner’s personality – and of course, tastes great!

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