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Giant Miracle of Nature – Mount Matterhorn

Have you ever wondered where the beauty has no limits? Where the border between Italy and Switzerland is swiped away by ski trails, there is placed a natural wonder, Mount Matterhorn. For Matterhorn people can hear all sorts of stories – but all are just stories until you go there and stand under the powerful giant. Matterhorn is one of the most amazing mountains with geometric lines that rising up to the sky.

The unique shape of Matterhorn inspired Tobler chocolate factory for their world famous chocolate Toblerone. The Matterhorn top wakes sighs between climbers and mountaineers. Everyone who at least once found near Matterhorn felt hypnotic strength of this powerful mountain that holds your sight trapped for hours in her spectacular slopes.

Matterhorn, perfect wonder of the Alps, which has 4478 meters highness is situated on the border between Italy and Switzerland and is one of the most famous peaks of the Earth. The mountain is formed by collision of the European and American continent during the Ice Age. It is famous for its slightly curved pyramidal top. This stone pyramid is formed by the glaciers of the Ice Age and is shaped by the wind and precipitation. Peak was first climbed on 14 July back in 1865 by the seven-member expedition led by Englishman Edward Whymper. Four of them died during the descent from the mountain. Since then it is spent nearly a century and a half, during which top marks many climbs in different directions, but also close to 1000 opfers.

Matterhorn is the desire of every climber, but top requires great dedication, intense exercising and a huge psycho-physical training, so it is not available to anyone. On average about 3,000 people a year attempt to climb this peak, but many of them are giving up. Famous ski resorts on the lower mountains are great for hiking in summer, with stunning landscapes of forests, mountain meadows and ponds. The most admiring views are from the ridge Gornergrat on mountains Rosa, Dorn, Brajthorn and Materhorn. Shvarcze or Black Lake, on the north side of the mountain is a destination worth seeing. High mountain meadows have beautiful flora in the spring and they are home to many types of mountain birds.

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