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Go to Cape Town And Experience The World

When you think that you have seen and walked enough, new surprises await you at the next destination. Walking through the city streets, you will be fascinating by the beautiful landscapes of Cape Town. It is the second most populous city in South Africa.  On the beginning Cape Town was the largest city until it was replaced by Johannesburg, as a result of the discovery of gold and diamonds. Also, this city is the provincial capital of the Western Cape, as well as the legislative capital of South Africa, which are located the South African Parliament and many government offices. In 2011 Cape Town had an estimated population of 3,74 million. The Cape Town area is 2,455 km², making it smaller than other South African cities, but with less population density.

In Cape Town, as known as Mother City, extraordinary things are for free. They all carry a unique flavor which makes them special and magnificent. This city has spirit, something that has power to fascinate the visitors. Well, if you have the opportunity to visit Cape Town, do not hesitate. Search for cheap flights to Cape Town, go there and experience the world!

Table Mountain

Image by Dietmar Temps via Flickr

This place is defined by the beauty of nature. Table Mountain National Park is an attraction for tourists. Mountain with a flat top has the lead, but there are many golden beaches and vineyards that can leave anyone speechless. That is the reason why extreme sports and Cape Town are like made for each other. Adrenaline addicts can enjoy rock climbing, surfing, paragliding and scuba diving.

Image by Danie van der Merwe via Flickr

Image by dorena-wm via Flickr

Camp’s Bay Beach

Image by Nick Gray via Flickr

Those who want to take a romantic walk, have the opportunity to relax watching the amazing sunset and to admire the beautiful panorama of the city. The top of the mountain Table is place where you can see whales, penguins and seals in the water around the Cape of Good Hope. Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is a destination that attracting more than 23-million visitors a year.

The Twelve Apostles

Image by Neil Howard via Flickr

Lightning over Cape Town

Image by Warren Tyrer via Flickr

Cape Town is also a multicultural city that unites Christians, Muslims, Hindu and traditional African beliefs. Wet winters and dry, warm summers are the result of warm-summer Mediterranean climate. However, the cold and the hot days are perfect and the tourists have the opportunity to admire every piece of Cape Town.

Magical Sunset at Lion’s Head

Image by Thiago Pompeu via Flickr

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