Goa – Real Paradisiacal Place In India

Asia is the continent that offers incredibly exciting destinations on its menu. It is really hard to decide what to visit. Because of that, we help you to choose an amazing place. We represent you destination Goa.

Food in Goa is a big change after spicy, oily and strong North Indian food. First of all, thanks to the large number of tourists, you can find classic Western cuisine. However, specific foods are based mostly on meat, fish and seafood. Cocoa nut is the basis of everything in South India. It is used as massage oil, milk for cooking, for making vinegar and a certain type of sweetener.

This island is the smallest in India and actually represents paradise for those who want an exotic culture or spiritual experience. It is interesting for all those tourists who love adventure. It is also safe beautiful destination for family trips, as well as solo travelers. The word that best describes Goa is “shanti”, which means peace. The philosophy of life in Goa is just slowly and without hurry. It is a former Portuguese colony, now part of India, on the western coast of the Indian subcontinent. It was under Portuguese control for more than four centuries from the time when Vasco da Gama discovered India until 1961. Long Portuguese influence made Goa unique place in India, not only because of the large population of Christian and Catholic, but also for its liberal spirit and spontaneous affection of local residents.

This is an exotic destination that can give you clear thoughts and fill you with peace and tranquility. Perfect beaches consist of crystal clear water and white sand. Also, the exotic flowers make the place magical. Besides the beaches of Goa you can visit a number of landmarks. We recommend you visit some of the cities like Panaji, Mapusa, Dona Paula and Margaon. Panaji is the capital of Goa and has really beautiful architecture and cultural wealth. Dona Paula is a city with breathtaking beaches for couples. However, every place in Goa and has its own long history.

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