Going to Randwick City? These are the Activities to Enjoy!

If you are on a tour through Australia, Randwick City simply must be one of the places you’ll visit. For visitors of all interests, this city offers a huge range of activities – from leisurely strolls to team sports, and many other interesting activities.

We are listing some of them, as a suggestion.

Coastal walkway information, Randwick City

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Coastal Walkway is definitely something you can’t miss out on. At the way to Le Perouse, the tour follows the coast from historic Waverley Cemetery through Gordon’s Bay, Clovelly, Coogee and Maroubra. You’ll be amazed by the wonderful panoramic views and coastal flora and fauna.

Gordon’s Bay

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Bushwalking will take you through a 4-track adventure in Botany Bay National Park:

Henry Head Walking Track

This walk takes about 2 – 3 hours and 5km to complete and offers spectacular views across Botany Bay. Entry to the track is located on Anzac Parade, really close to Cann Park.

Botany Bay National Park

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Jennifer Street Boardwalk

A light stroll of 350m along the boardwalk will amaze you with over 100 plant species on view. Jennifer Street is the entry to the boardwalk.

Coast Hospital Cemetery

Some of the 2000 burial sites date back to the 1860’s. This cemetery alone was established within the former Prince Henry Hospital grounds.

Coast Hospital Cemetery

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Congwong Beach

This is an ideal swimming spot, for sure. Plus, its sheltered beach is easily accessible and a path links onto the Henry Head Track. This is where you can enjoy spectacular views of Botany Bay. To the right of Cann Park, you’ll find the entry.

Congwong Beach

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Cycling is one of Australia’s favorite activities and you should definitely hop on. There are two dedicated bicycle tracks in this city which offer green open spaces and relaxed surroundings. Imagine that – enjoying nature while staying fit at the same time!

Horse ridingis a wonderful way to spend some of your time in this wonderful, nature blessed city. You’ll find two highly credentialed horse riding schools, Centennial Stables and Malabar Riding School. They are both set amongst scenery that can fairly be described as awe-inspiring.

Randwick Racecourse Track

J Bar [GFDL, GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Sailing is yet another amazing thing to do here. For all of you who consider yourselves sailing enthusiasts, this is your chance to enjoy! For all those who are interested, the opportunity to learn how to sail awaits at Yarra Bay.  The safe Botany Bay location is the best scenario for the novice to be taught this fabulous Aussie pastime. Regardless of your age and experience, Randwick City will meet your parameters and help make this experience an unforgettable one!

Waverley Cemetery

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Snorkeling/Scuba diving – In the last years, scuba diving and snorkeling have proven to be one of the most popular activities at this side of the country. These activities allow you to get up close and personal with all manner of marine life. A home to a cornucopia of beautiful and exotic fish, these crystal clear waters are also good for swimming and they will blow your mind with the fascinating variety of other sea creatures.

Surfing is one of Australia’s favorite sports and no wonder why! All those kilometers of breathtaking ocean coastline are perfect for a surfing enthusiast!

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And,it’s not just about surfing. There are carnivals and manifestations related to the sport owing to the consistent waves at Maroubra Beach. Thesw provide ideal conditions to host surf carnivals attracting large crowds and international competitors. These are some of the Australia’s favorite surf locations for you to consider: Maroubra Beach, Coogee Beach, Wedding Cake Island and Malabar.

Fred Hollows Reserve

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With these activities that we’ve listed, you’ll definitely enjoy your time in this absolutely stunning city. This is the place to go to when you want to relax and enjoy the beauties of Mother Nature. As for the Randwick accommodation, there is nothing to worry about – you’ll find plenty of local hostels that offer a great and comfortable rooms to stay at.

Randwick Lodge

By J_Bar (photographer’s own work) [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Not everyone knows how to enjoy Australia. Foreigners who come to our wonderful country often stay bewildered with all the unspoiled nature they see and end up doing nothing but looking at it and taking photos. Since we’ve listed some of the most fun things to do when you visit Randwick, make sure you give your best to experience them all (or most of them) and make some wonderful memories!

St Judes Church

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