Golden Chariot Train – Enjoy Luxury Tourist Train in Southern India

New Delhi: Awarded as Asia’s leading luxury train at World Travel Awards 2013, The Golden Chariot lives up to its name with flawless designing. This luxury tourist train covers the prominent tourist spots in Karnataka, Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and Puducherry depending on the itinerary.  The train operates between the months of October and March and has a departure every week on Monday after commercially starting on March 10, 2008. It is designed to provide the most convenient of train journeys with total 44 cabins and 11 coaches.

Named after the Stone Chariot of Vitthala temple in Hampi, the train has 19 coaches coloured in golden and purple. The striking logo that pictures a mythological animal with the head of an elephant and body of a lion is also, a captivating element. Apart from the interesting combination of color that has been chosen to give it a look of a chariot emerging and disappearing into a wonderland, the coaches that have been named after the dynasties that ruled the region. Tourists travelling to India for the very first time should not miss out on this amazing journey that presents South India as beautifully as possible. Vacations can be lived in their true spirit while travelling through this train. Tourists from different countries keep coming every year in good numbers to experience this one of kind journey that has everything to offer that one plans for a vacation. The services and security is all up to the mark and staffs are around for the comfort of all the passengers.

The Golden Chariot train has most of the amenities including two restaurants, lounge, bar, spa, gym and conference. Internet services and live televisions have been provided in the cabins through USB-stick and satellite antennae respectively. The welcoming staffs ensure the passengers have a gala time during their stay while they ensure the specific needs of every passenger is being well taken care of. Tourists can book the tickets with clear instructions provided on travel sites and have their holidays planned as easily. Foreign nationals have been given a detailed way to explore India and cover all the major travel spots through this train. An ideal way to plan the limited stay, this train gives them an overall experience with a clear schedule. A week stay on this train is worth it for the ever fresh memory that it gives. Different tariffs are included as per the passenger’s convince that ranges from $5530 to $10,500.

This experience is a must add in the travel diaries as, the royalty that it guarantees is in no match with any of the vacation plan that is made. The excitement and adventurous zeal that the tourist come with to explore India can be fulfilled through this journey that includes the best of the scenes. Covering the lush green forest and picturesque waterfalls, this train is a good add to Indian tourism as it offers beautiful traveling experience. Exploring India has become much easier and much tourists are getting attracted to go on this dream tour. Golden Chariot is the best luxury train in India which gives the complete facility inside the train.

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