Gorilla Safari – A one of a kind adventure

Whenever we come across the word safari, the first thing that comes into mind is sitting inside a Land Rover on a desert plain, observing lions in the distance. That is absolutely correct as it is the most advertised type of safari, but it most certainly is not the only kind.

You’re probably unaware of a unique type of Rwanda safari in this landlocked African country. Its ancient rainforests are a home for chimpanzees and other kinds of primates, so naturally, there are options to go on a safari deep into the habitat of these human-like animals and take a peek in their daily lives. Unlike the standard safaris where you see feline predators chasing gazelles and what not, a gorilla safari is going to give you an insight of the lifestyle of primates that are very close to humans on the evolutionary scale. This is a very eye-opening experience as you will get to witness incredible similarities to human activities and a behavior that will certainly remind you of at least a few people that you know.

So where can you go on such a safari? The three most popular choices are Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. The governments of these countries have programs that support the safari tourism and you can expect a decent organization and of course, impeccable security. Even though the jungle is a dangerous place by itself, the gorilla safaris in these countries are protected by trained armed guides and in some cases, members of the military. The reason for this level of security is not only because of the gorillas, but gorillas, although you do not have much to worry about as the area of presence for the gorillas is no longer the same as the area where the safaris are conducted.

If you have never been to a safari, this might not be what you expect, but once you’ve done it, you’ll feel that it was a very educational and adventurous, so if you’re an adventurer at heart, why not give it a go?

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