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Grab Your Book, Come To Macedonia

If you are looking for a good advice for a place you should visit this summer, here we give you top ten reasons why you should visit this less known yet beautiful country part of the Balkan. So far it has proven wrong all the visitors that went there with low expectations


Even though there are far better known countries for their wine, Macedonia is not an exception. You should definitely try their local wine, especially the red one which is more famous than the other ones. Even when it used to be part of Yugoslavia, Macedonia was the country that was producing a great quantity of wine in comparison with the other countries. They even export it and it’s one of the products that play the main role in their economy when the export is in question.


Maybe the main reason why you should plan a trip to Macedonia is because of their standard and prices. You will enjoy every minute of your stay and it won’t affect your budget a lot; in other words it won’t cost you a fortune. You could try every single typical dish and visit any recommendable place in Macedonia for just a small amount of money. Your budget will be thankful for visiting Macedonia, yet enjoying it to the fullest.


Even though it has a great history behind it, Macedonia has not been that popular in the past. It is becoming more and more popular over the years but because of this reason there are still parts of it that remained unexplored or untouched by the people’s hands. You are more than welcome to do this on your own as it is not considered as dangerous at all.


If you are interested in history than Macedonia is definitely the place for you. As there are evidences that there has been people settling down in Macedonia even 7000 years BC, it makes this country rich with history. Not even to mention the times when Alexander the Great ruled these territories. You will find plenty of historic sites in here.


For the people who love being outdoor especially on the places with fresh air and away from the polluted areas, Macedonia is the right place to escape to. The beautiful lakes, the national parks, the mountains, the landscapes and the peace is what makes Macedonia complete and attractive. You will never get bored of exploring it.

Traditional food

Macedonian cheese, ajvar, burek, tavce gravce, sarma, pastrmajlija and turli tava are just some of the specialties that Macedonia is famous for. It is the leading country in the region when the food is in question. Their cuisine has been influenced by the Turkish cuisine because of the history and the times of the Othoman Impery. You cannot leave Macedonia without trying their traditional alcoholic beverage which is rakia and the typical Turkish coffee which the Macedonians could not imagine their day without. Once you try their traditional food you will always have at least one reason to go back to Macedonia whenever you can. It became their trap to attract tourists.

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