Grenada – Island With Huge Plantations Of Cinnamon, Cloves And Ginger

Grenada is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. This mountainous island, covered with fragrant spice trees and rare tropical flowers. Lined with amazing beaches and dotted with picturesque towns, this green island has long been a major source of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and cocoa. The interior of this volcanic island is composed of rivers and waterfalls, lush rain forests and one of the most beautiful mountain lakes that can be imagined.

The waterfalls are not huge, but they have undeniable charm: suddenly appear in the middle of the forest and each has its own small lake where you can cool down after a long walk. Choosing one among all these waterfalls is really not an easy task. They all deserve a visit.

Grenada and its natural beauty are complemented by a rich history and vibrant cultural heritage. Local festivals, fairs and markets are an integral part of life in Grenada. Its plantation of herbs and rum distilleries still use traditional methods, emphasizing quality rather than quantity. For many visitors, of course, the island is measured by its beaches and coral reefs and Grenada offers plenty of both. The island is rich with beaches which have black and white sand. In the southwestern part of the island you will find the most beautiful site, such as Grand Anse beach which is considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

In Grenada the climate is tropical. In St. George the capital city, the average highest daily temperature in January is 29 ° C, and the average lowest is 24 ° C. In The driest months are from January to April, with 12 days of precipitation during the month. That is the best time to visit Grenada. Hurricane season lasts from June to November.

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