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Group Touring Of Los Angeles’s Strangest Sites

There is no dearth of sightseeing places and tourist attractions in the home of Hollywood. From Disneyland to Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Los Angeles caters for every age and interest. Apart from the amusing food tours, the city of angels is also known to offer group tours to some of its strangest sites that are completely off the beaten path. Los Angeles charter tour bus rentals are a great way to enjoy the sites without any fuss about the parking and losing sight of your group. Here are a few strangest sites of Los Angeles that offer guided group tours.

1. The Dearly Departed Tour

One of the bizarre yet famous guided group tours of the city is the Dearly Departed bus tours. The tour takes you through the sites of death and final resting places of your beloved Hollywood celebrities. Revisit the places of death and scandal to learn about the dark side of fame. Apart from the visit, there is a multimedia tour that illustrates a few photographs and reconstructed scenes of horrific crime while analyzing the details of the events. There is also a disturbing tour about the Manson family and surely this strange site is not for the faint-hearted.

2. Esotouric

The fascinating tours from Esotouric are unconventional and strange on so many levels. They claim to provide unpredictable tours which they hold true to as the themes of the group tours keep changing every few days. From a tour to the dilapidated back alleys of the city to experiencing a day as the legendary Raymond Chandler, the thematic tours from Esotouric are refreshing and distinct. From literature to fine arts, regional culture to crime, the guided tours are a must do when in Los Angeles. Their stopovers are also at interesting bars and restaurants that are equally enjoyable.

3. Neon Cruise

This peculiar group tour takes you across the Downtown and Hollywood Boulevard where you can witness the quirkiest neon signs, art, and marquees. The objective of this nighttime bus tour is to take the visitors through the dazzling neon art of the Downtown Broadway District with a stopover at the lively Chinatown. The tours are available only on Saturdays starting in June and last till the winter sets in.

4. Off and Running Tours

Whether it is for a corporate team building exercise or simply a weekend with your extended family, Off and Running Tours are one of the strangest group tours that take you through the Beverly Hills. The tour also covers areas such as Santa Monica and even holds a tour called Running Away From Paparazzi. It is a 5k run that starts at sunrise and passes through the mansions of the glitterati. You can choose your route with the different tours available. There are also walks available for those who are not fitness freaks but equally enjoy the guided group tour.

5. Haunted Hollywood Tour

The guided bus tour takes you through the spookiest backlots of Hollywood where strange and eerie occurrences have taken place. Paranormal activities and unexplained movements have been observed in certain areas and can be explored by those interested. Some of the highlights of the tour are the Roosevelt Hotel, Greystone Mansion and the sets of the movie – A Nightmare on Elm Street. Though unusual, the haunted tours are one of the most sought after guided group tours in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood is filled with secrets and scandals that are best explored by these guided tours. Be part of any of these guided tours to experience the less frequented sites and attractions. Which one would be your pick on your trip to Los Angeles?

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