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Guide for Choosing a Home Water Filter

Humanity is always using developing technology and ever-increasing life standard to improve upon itself and make everyone’s life better and easier. With water being single most important commodity of everyone’s life, we can easily observe that public supply system isn’t always on the par when we are considering the quality provided. Fortunately, there are several alternatives in solving this problem. One of those would be to constantly buy bottled water and the second one is installing water filter somewhere in your home. Here, we will focus on the second solution, which is more sustainable in the long run, and give you few guidelines for choosing the right water filter.

Know What You Are Dealing With

There are different water filters for different problems so be sure to know what problem you are facing before actually spending money on filtration systems. One of the easiest ways of doing that is to request the copy of your area’s annual water quality report (also known as Consumer Confidence Report) from your local water utility. There are of course other ways, such as conducting short examination with some at-home test kits, which can be easily obtained in every home improvement store, or calling local health department to help you in figuring what filtration system is best for you.


Choose One of the Most Common Filtering Methods

There are three most commonly used methods for purification:



Find out What Filter Suits You the Best

Once you discover what containment troubles you and most prominent methods to deal with it you will have to choose the right filtration that suits you the best to reduce or even remove your problem in accordance to prevention level you want to have.

Source – Watch the whole video at the end of the article

All you have to do now is to take into equation all the guidelines we gave you and choose the solution that suits you the best. Don’t think for a second that you need to opt for only one of them. The more filtering levels you have, quality of your water will be better, so, in this case, there is really no way to go wrong, just less effective.

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