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A Guide to Planning a Home Renovation from Start to Finish

Renovating your home is a huge task – but if you do it right it’s a very worthwhile endeavour, as long as you get the basics right!

Design and Planning

A good start is half the battle here. Get a professional involved in the design and planning stages – this could save you a lot of hassle later on. Budget is a crucial consideration – how much are you willing to spend? Consider using a fast and friendly mortgage broker like Habito if you need financing.

The Big Issues: Your roof, foundation and windows

In order for your renovation to be a success, these are the most important components to get right. If you’ve got problems with your roof or foundation, now is the time to address them. Have a surveyor examine the property and let you know what needs to be done. If you’re concerned about budget, get multiple quotes.

For windows, consider if they need to be replaced. Double or triple glazed windows are necessary to keep the heat in in winter.


Are there parts of your property that are simply beyond repair? Are there health and safety hazards? Knocking down an old shed or garage could give you extra space for an extension, or a whole new garden area to enjoy.

Structural Carpentry

A structural carpenter can help if you would like to convert your attic into a loft. This could be a great way to open up some new space in your home, creating a brand-new bedroom or chill-out area. Be careful, though, it’s important to ensure your beams and rafters can support the weight you plan to put up there, and that’s where a qualified carpenter can offer you advice.


Insulation is a fundamental long-term investment when you’re renovating. It will keep you warm and toasty in winter, and reduce your energy bills throughout the year. Considering what you need from your insulation now could bring you significant savings down the line, it’s good for the environment, and a well-insulated home will be easier to sell if you make that choice down the road. Check this article for more tips on an environmentally-friendly home.


There are some important choices to make with flooring – and you’ll have to live with them for a long time as it’s not an easy thing to change. Are you in favour of wooden floors or carpets? Different living spaces might need a different approach – you may want fluffy rugs in the bedroom to greet your feel on cold mornings, while tiles might be a stylish – and easy to clean – choice for the kitchen. It’s okay to mix and match what suits your lifestyle best!

Interior Painting, Wallpaper, and Other Surface Finishes

Now it’s time for the finishing touches – with the hard work done, it’s time to let your creative side out. Have fun choosing colours. While we recommend using professionals for most of the work around your house, consider putting on some overalls and getting involved in painting and wall papering yourself!

Above all, have patience and enjoy the process as you bring your vision to life!

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