Gulpiyuri Beach is a Sea Beach Without Sea

Nature creates miracles while not forgetting the beaches. White sands, exotics palm trees that adorn the coast and clear water is something that each of us imagines when thinking of the beach. But some beaches offer something more unusual, beautiful landscapes at which the human eye can not resist. It is no new that exist beaches which has no sea, but are also pleasant and unique.

This popular resort is hard to find because of the hills that surround and protected the Gulpiyuri beach from all external influences caused by humans. These caves can be found at only a few places in the world. Gulpiyuri beach is a miracle of nature, a popular tourist destination, as well as national monument and part of the Spanish Regional Network of Protected Natural Beauties.

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These beaches are natural phenomena in the world, created under the hill, whose underground tunnels and caves filled with sea water. Over time, the salt sea water carves the rock and water surfaces making small bay. At the northern parts of the Spain is located such beach. Gulpiyuri beach is about 40 meters long with crystal clear turquoise water. It is connected with the sea through tunnels that salt water of the Cantabrian Sea carved into the rocks on the hill.

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The Gulpiyuri sandy beach is separated more than a hundred meters from the open sea and it is interesting that even that you can see the waves and tides. Gulpiyuri beach is surrounded by grass and limestone cliffs, so this coast is so small that the sand almost disappears when there is high tide and the water almost gone when the tide is out. Because of the greenery on all sides, if you want to swim there it is important to know that the water most of the time is cold.

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