Hamilton Pool Preserve – Impressive Natural Paradise

Do you think that pools, spas and spa baths are human inventions? If your answer is positive, you are wrong. At this amazing world exist excellent natural reservoirs which are created, shaped and formed by natural forces and then flooded with water from groundwater or waterfalls. Some are better than water parks! In addition, we encounter the wonderful heavenly place…

Hamilton without doubt one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in the world surrounded by lush vegetation and rich fauna, natural reserve that is home to rare plant and animal species. Hamilton Pool is one of the most interesting tourist destinations and the same is becoming more popular thanks to the photos and that are shared over the internet. But, let the pictures be just your encouragement to visit this magical place if you have a chance.

Image by Brendan T Lynch via Flickr

Image by Sandra Hintzman via Flickr

Hamilton Pool Preserve! Hamilton pool is located in the US state of Texas, half an hour from the city of Austin. It is situated exactly 37 kilometers west of the city Austin. Since 1960, Hamilton pool was a favorite place for cooling in summer days for residents and visitors to the city. Now it is one of the most impressive and most unique natural attractions. Hamilton Pool Preserve is formed thousand years ago, when large areas of the country collapsed on underwater river due to erosion. Pool is green, surrounded by rocks and large stalactites hanging from the edges of the cliffs, falling into a waterfall of 15 meters.

Image by Brian Moran via Flickr

Image by mlhradio via Flickr

Image by Laura Taylor via Flickr

Also, the semi arched rock structure that is formed over the pool provides enormous shade where you can relax and enjoy before and after swimming. People who are responsible for maintaining this wonderful place have expressed their concern that perhaps the increased attendance at the place could affect the maintenance and damage to this natural phenomenon and stunning beauty. But, in considering that it is a place from fairytales, many believe that no one would try at even the slightest extent to disfigure that perfection.

Image by Brian Moran via Flickr

Image by Sandra Hintzman via Flickr

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