Handling and Avoiding Travel Mishaps for First Time World Travelers

There are so many things that can go wrong on a trip – from spilling your coffee pre-board, losing your personal items, flight getting cancelled due to storm, etc. Indeed, all trips are awesome, but they don’t always go perfectly as planned.

As a first-time world traveler who’s ready to face the world’s challenges, nothing should stop you from achieving fun and excitement while traveling, that’s why it’s important to get a good insurance provider that makes submitting travel insurance claims easy and painless. Pro travelers rightfully said – if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.

Having an insurance protects you from most travel mishaps that can come your way. Now here are the 10 most common ones that you might encounter and some tips to handle and avoid them.

Lost luggage

Nothing messes a travel than losing luggage. You can avoid this by adding modern luggage tags. There are even microchips available these days for an even better protection. Try checking in early for your flight since the airport has to process handling your luggage, the more likely it can get lost. Have something unique to them so someone else doesn’t pick it up. Also, take a picture of your luggage to allow airport personnel locate it. Go to airport personnel at once if you notice that any if your belongings are missing.

Robbers and pickpockets

We want nothing more but to trust everyone, but that smiling passer-by can easily turn to someone who will steal your wallet or personal belongings. Never keep all your money in one place, and try concealing them from plain sight. Place them in inaccessible places with zippers or hidden pockets as soon as you see a shady individual coming at you and run at full speed to the nearest police station, a shop with security guards, or crowded places.

Flight cancellations

Then happen all the time and often, there’s nothing we can do to avoid them, try as we might. To avoid this, try flying during good weather if possible, and prepare for the cancellation. When a cancellation happens, find the airport’s customer service, or try calling the airline ASAP. Insist on same-day standby flights, and travel on fuller nonstop flights if possible. Most of all, be patient and know that life can be sometimes out of control.

Getting lost

Always carry maps with you, as well as GPS if you own a smartphone (who doesn’t?) If an area looks unfamiliar, regain your bearings by finding the closest place that will have information to find your way around. Taxis can often help you find your destination. The best advice is to do some research on the area first before heading out the door. Blindly heading out into unfamiliar areas can take you to places you don’t wanna be.

Illness, intoxication or dehydration

Always drink plenty of water when traveling. Dehydration can cause many types of illness. If you’re prone to allergies or other sickness, ensure that you have everything you need to recover quickly. If you contract any illness while traveling, your insurance can cover for your needs. Make sure to save all receipts and documents to use later when it’s time for submitting travel insurance claims. Overall, be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

End Note

That’s it. Of course, you don’t have to look over your shoulders all the time or be super anxious about your travel. Remember to have fun while keeping yourself aware of the surroundings. Have fun!

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